Gunland Breakout! ((closed))

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Re: Gunland Breakout! ((closed))

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Endellion started drumming her hoof on the hood of the car. "Are you done yet?" She shrieked over her shoulder. With no one to shoot, she was feeling antsy. Finally she hopped off the car and clopped over to the nearest guard. She prodded him with her Eagle, turning him over onto his back. He'd been gunned down by the kid who'd been driving; while the work was shoddy, it had done the job, and Nightflower would have praised him for solid (ish) work, but Endellion was not Nightflower. Instead of wanting to praise him, she was seriously considering putting a bullet in him. Possibly two or three. Then, she decided it wasn't worth the ammo and resolved to hang him upside down over the railing outside her rooms at the hangar.

A distant clatter alerted Endellion to the approach of reinforcements. She hopped halfway through the Audi's back window, grabbed her rocket launcher, and stuffed a new missile in it. She was grinning as the first SWAT team came around the demolished wall. Endellion fired, and the explosion ripped a two-foot-wide section out of the road and flipped it into the air. The SWAT boys backed off, something that could be attributed to intelligence winning out over bravado, but as usual Endellion didn't notice.

The rattle of bullets dancing over the walls around her was music to her ears. She popped back up over the hood of the Audi just to see the opposition-- ten heavily-armored furs with assault rifles. Nice ones. Endellion was suddenly intensely interested; they might be state-issued, but they were light-weight carbon models that were reasonably priced for their size. While she had two or three in her arsenal, more guns were always good. She loaded another missile (the last one) and bobbed around the bumper to shoot. She was greeted by a SWAT boot that caught her in the center of the chest and drove her back, skidding against the wall. Her rocket launcher spun away, far out of grabbing range. "FREEZE!" yelled the boot's owner as he leveled the rifle at her. A flame of rage bloomed inside her.

"F*** YOU!" Endellion lunged up and smashed her hoof in the SWAT guy's face. She whipped out her Eagle and mowed the others down with a line of perfectly spaced shots. Once they were down, she continued to shoot until she emptied her clip, then replaced it and emptied it again. Finally, she blew a long, slow breath out through her nose.
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