Lest you entertain angels unawares...

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Re: Lest you entertain angels unawares...

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((no i think this wraps it up. The trial would have been little more than just watching maria crucify Devina and Vanessa, and then they get shoved off in a pocket realm as their sentence. Supposedly trapped forever, but even then, Cat doesn't feel right isolating them completely. She'd see to it that once in a while supplies were delivered. we can move on to the announcement and party thread. something a bit more mundane and no war hanging over them O.O XD))

Cat's deep rumbling purr came in reply. There would always be more battles, a never ending series of them. But what made it worth it, was the time between the battles. The moments like these, where she could just be a woman, with her mate and enjoy life. The time and place never really mattered. Just seeing his face, the smile was all that mattered.

Catalina Tamiko Montiblanc. That name rang in her mind so clear, and welcome. A sweet song in the hushed darkness that had been her life. And it all started, over 1000 years ago, when a tattered little book had come to her from a traveling merchant as payment for a small blade.
With power comes responsibility. With responsibility comes duty. With duty comes honor. With honor comes shame......

There is no purpose in denying that you know nothing in the grand scheme of things. In an effort to prove otherwise, you would simply go mad.

To gaze at the Elder Scroll is to look into both the past, and the future, all possibilities of each, all at the same time, and believe that each, even the false ones, are all true, all at the same time.

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