Time for a Race?

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Re: Time for a Race?

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Freya shrugged at Martya's comment about how much good they'd done. "there's no use in dwelling on how much it may have mattered because there's no way to know for sure...I did what I felt was right." She left that subject where it was and moved on to the interruptions to Martya's dig. "unfortunately, Ivan would have disturbed your dig site regardless of Mia or Osbourne, Eteinne and myself being involved. I'm sure he would have shed much more blood too if not for our involvement." With that statement, she left the tent, but poked her head back in a moment later. "oh, next time you talk to Mia, please tell her I have no ill will toward her, and that hopefully next time we meet we will be able to work together instead." She gave one last grin before making her way toward the helicopter, leaving Ozbourne to finish any negotiating he needed.

Once they had made it back to Osbourne's jet, she found some first aid supplies, and took them to the lab portion of the aircraft. She peeled off Etienne's field dressing, and used a mirror to examine the wound. It was as she had feared, it had started closing, and removing the bullet was not going to be fun. She closed her eyes for a few moments, concentrating on the signals coming from her body, and locating the bullet lodged in the muscle of her arm. Her expression took on a mixture of intense concentration and pain as she slowly worked the bullet back out of her arm the way it had gone in. After it fell to the floor, she let out a long sigh, and steadied herself against the counter. After a long moment she put a new bandage on the wound, and picked the bullet off the floor. A wry grin spread on her face as she wrapped the bullet in a piece of paper, and went looking for Etienne.

When she found the canine, she handed him the scrap of paper while still wearing that wry grin. "A souvenir, give me a call sometime. We can get together and do something a little less life threatening." The paper she handed Etienne not only contained the bullet she had extracted from her arm, but her phone number, her name scrawled above it in an elegant script.

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Re: Time for a Race?

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Martya shrugged. "I've dealt with him before. Our families have old connections..." She frowned, as Etienne unflatteringly described her daughter. "I don't approve of Mia's profession on principle, but I would only be ashamed of her if she did not do it well. Spies and scoundrels have their place, and whether you like or know it, you do owe very much to shadowy furs and dark deeds."

The wolfess got to her feet, showing her guests out the tent door. "I will tell my daughter. And if you want to talk to her yourself, you may pay a visit sometime to the family estate. She is sometimes there, when she is not working."

The trio of guests walked to their plane, and Martya watched them leave. Huffing a not unrelieved sigh, she returned to clearing up the cataloging backlog.

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