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Introduction to this Age

This time period is similar to our Earth's late 19th century AKA the Victorian Era, with steam as the propulsion of choice and railways as the major means of transportation. Stagecoaches, highwaymen, and cowboys are commonplace. Airships sail the skies, and figures shadowy and revolutionary stalk the streets. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Introduction to this Age

Post by Madame » Thu Aug 23, 2007 4:59 pm

This time period is equivalent to our world's late 1800's (with some license taken as to the specific year in each country as those who have studied history might notice and quite a lot of license taken in relation to certain events, such as the Great War that did not technically occur until after this era). That said, steam is the propulsion of choice and railways are the major means of transportation. The electric light has been invented, but gas lighting and simple fire is still the primary source of light when the sun goes down. Telephones have only just been invented and telegraph and letters are still the main means of communication across long distances.

The Parliamentary Monarchy of Edwin

Edwin is similar to the Victorian Era’s England. It is the most industrialized nation and as such, enjoys economic and military power that allows it to serve as the mediator in most international conflicts. Two opposing parties rule the houses of Parliament and there is a rigid class structure in place that allows for very little mingling between the aristocracy and lower classes. Prostitution has become a major social problem on the streets since the abolition of brothels. Formal education has become free and mandatory for all children under age 14 and child and female labor laws have come into effect. Steam driven engines are all the rage and the country is being laid with more and more rail lines each day, the labor usually coming from Mazan immigrants. Expeditions to the Territory of the Ravens are mounted regularly and rich veins of gold, diamonds and other precious stones and metals have been discovered. The general opinion of Avian is that they are unclean and savage. Mustelids are still looked down upon and friction is ever present between the Kingdom and the Reich.

The Republic of Domus

Domus is similar to the Third Republic of France. Not as advanced as Edwin due to the rise and fall of several governments, most of the citizens of Domus consider their Republic more a temporary state than a set thing. After the fall of Domish Empire a few decades earlier, there was a push to return to a constitutional monarchy similar to Edwin. However, as time pressed on, the citizens of Domus began to enjoy their republic and when there was an attempt by the President to reinstate a monarchy, his scheme backfired and radical republicans took control. These days, Domus’ government is an unstable thing with many small parties competing for power. There is some social progress, though, with the formal separation of Church and State and the ban of slavery nearly a century earlier. Domus also mounts regular expeditions to the Territory of the Ravens. Avian are looked down upon.

The Kingdom of Maze

Maze is similar to Spain/New Spain during this period. The Kingdom is still heavily fixated on religion, culture and tradition. While known for its poor, Maze is also known for having some of the best food and music in all of Feila. It has a mildly effective navy, but due to lack of funds, it is perhaps the most underdeveloped nation with the exception of the Territory of the Ravens. Maze has some claims in the Territory, but expeditions are limited.

Maze is also the birthplace of many caballeros, those skilled with horses and a subset of these who have been romanticized throughout Feilan history by almost all cultures. These caballeros work on ranches, deal with livestock and are mainly known by their Edwinian name: Cowboys.

The Reich of Gawain

Gawain is similar to the German state during the early 1900s. With the end of the first major war between Edwin and Gawain, the latter coming away the worse for wear, the country of Gawain isn’t doing as well as it could be. Industrialized, but not to the point that Edwin is, Gawain has been scrambling to take care of the workers it promised to protect while still keeping a semi-stable economy. This has resulted in the two major parties of the country blaming the ailing government for a. not becoming communist and b. not becoming authoritarian. Currently, there is a political and social struggle taking place in the country between the right and left extremists. This battle has encompassed innocent civilians, but the moderate government is attempting to take control of matters with some small financial assistance from Yamaha. Similar social reforms to those taken in Edwin have occurred, but the classes are not so divided as in the Monarchy as everyone is suffering in the aftermath of the war. Cats (with the exception of those with Yamahan citizenship) are still seen with distrust and since the economy began its downward spiral, feelings toward the Edwinish citizens have become especially strong.

The Empire of Kahun

The Empire of Kahun is similar to the Ottoman Empire of the late 1800s and early 1900s. While not lacking in military or political power, the Empire of Kahun has been largely ignored by all other countries outside of Maze and Yamaha. It’s more the secretive nature of the Kahunian creatures and the major cultural differences that have caused the rift to form. There is still some connection, especially in the way of trade for exotic spices and fabrics, but Kahun is largely an unknown entity and prefers to remain as such. Slavery is still very much a major part of the Kahunian economy so all visitors to the land of the lizards would be well advised to carry and know how to use a weapon.

The Empire of Yamaha

Yamaha is similar to the Meiji Era’s Japan. Yamaha has recently emerged from its cocoon of isolation and has rapidly grown from a “backwards country” filled with samurai to a heavily industrialized and militarized state with one of the strongest economies in Feila. It has taken to emulating Edwin cultural and social norms, though it still retains vestiges of its magnificent history. Honor is still a major concern of all Yamahan creatures and there are many who wish to return to the old ways which has created some internal friction. There is a rigid class structure similar to Edwin’s.

The Wild Piriqui AKA The Territory of the Ravens

The Territory (or the Piriqui as it is known by the natives) is similar to Africa during the Victorian Era. Small inroads have been developed with the cooperation and manipulation of Skin Avian tribes in the area. Mining is the chief concern of explores in the area and much of the Piriqui’s delicate political balance has been upset with the introduction of more advanced weapons to certain tribes in return for mining rights.

The Parliamentary Monarchy of the Arctic Islands

A cloud of uncertainty hangs over the Arctic islands with a number of groups vying for control of the unfortunate little country. Missionaries from other lands, especially Maze, are in competition for the souls of the Island creatures with the traditional shamans and those seeking the crystal mines that are slowly disappearing due to over mining. The government has little power and little motivation to do anything as trade due to crystal sales has been raking in money that is then funneled into the pockets of crooked politicians.

Magic is Obsolete

With major advances in technology and medicine, magic has become largely obsolete, though there are still many (especially in the lower classes) that practice it because they do not have the money to afford what progress has created. Still, it is a dying art and obvious use of magic in public by anyone, even performers, is considered nothing more than a cheap trick.

Witches and warlocks still exist, but their circles are becoming increasingly small as pressure from outside has driven away many promising new talents. The only exception to the death of magic is in the Piriqui where magic is still a part of everyday life and warfare among the avian tribes.
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