18th Century Resources

Feila's major world powers are vying for colonial possessions, while at home powerful monarchies view with revolutionary movements unleashed by the Enlightenment. Wars are fought with musket and cannon; peace is clogged with endless frills. Edwin, Domus, Maze and Gawain are all constantly at war, with the Territory of the Ravens in between them. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.

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18th Century Resources

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18th Century resources:

Men's Clothing
http://www.history.org/history/clothing ... ossary.cfm

Women's Clothing
http://www.history.org/history/clothing ... ossary.cfm

Children's Clothing (below 12 years old, I believe)
http://www.history.org/history/clothing ... ossary.cfm

Muskets (Long Land Pattern Musket, AKA 'Brown Bess' as example)


Pistols (British Sea Service Pistol as example)

Navy Ships (HMS Victory taken as the only surviving example. This site has information not only on the ship design, but life aboard, armament, ratings, etc)
http://www.hms-victory.com/index.php?op ... e&Itemid=1

Armies (Battle of Quebec, 1759, as example. Note mitre caps only worn by elite units)

Rules of Civility (Ladies and Gentlemen only)

Music (Quite difficult to find a site that's not a boring chunk of text... Wikipedia for music enthusiasts. Basically the music was either orchestral or some traditional folk song. )

Inventions (Cutoff at 1768. No steam engines in our period)
http://inventors.about.com/library/inve ... l1700s.htm

Nobility (Titles, and how they are used)

(Please post if there's any other important things to be included. Note that some of the things I wrote about previously came from my own knowledge, and may not be readily available on the internet.)
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Perhaps some video resources for this age would be nice. I found the ones for the Age of Cavaliers very helpful.
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