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Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

This is where all of the medieval Arctic Islands role-plays are archived.
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Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

Post by Ryu1123 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 1:39 pm

The day was growing to a close as the sun began to sink over the horizon, its orange glow being reflected off the tundra surrounding a lone traveller. The wind was calm, most of the time, only picking up every few minutes, and even then, it died off quickly.

The traveller was a Wolf, if one ventured close enough in that hostile terrain to be able to make out his features. His eyes were a brilliant sky blue, but were trained on the half-path before him, his paws dragging in the snow, being forced to continue forward for fear of collapsing in a near by drift.

On his back he carried very little. A backpack made of tanned leather sticking out like a sore thumb in this world of white. As he walked, he propelled himself forward with a large stick, which he was putting most of his weight on. His eyes, after several hours of staring at the ground, slowly gazed upwards, roaming the barren wasteland before him. In the distance, he saw what looked like a cave, and he stopped and stared for a moment before rubbing his eyes, hoping to disspell any mirage that may be there.

Several minutes went by, the wolf starring into the distance, until he finally realized what he was seeing was true. He laughed. Literally laughed. This cave was his salvation from the cold night swiftly approaching. He began running, almost a full sprint, straight towards the cave, walking stick landing in the soft snow behind him. In the cave was shelter, and maybe something to eat. Tonight wouldn't be nearly as bad as the last week.


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Kiba Kurokage
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Post by Kiba Kurokage » Wed Oct 28, 2009 3:33 pm

Crystal was in the cave, collecting some of the water that melts off the ice that forms it. Shi was alone for the momment and even though the cold didn't bother hir, it was much colder now as the sun was setting. Shi pulled on a light jacket, being born and raised here, shi needed very little to be comfortable. Shi looked out of the cave, hir grey fur contrasting the blue and white of the snow and ice cave. Hir brown and blue eyes scanned the surroundings one last time. Shi had let out hir black wings to let them cool from the long flight here. But as shi saw something just before shi heard the sound of crunching snow. It was a spot, not too far in the distance. Shi thought it might be a wild animal, but it was heading striaght for hir. Shi opened her wings farther to show a kind of beacon against the white snow. It was pretty easy to see since hir wingspan was abour fourteen feet wide. "Hey!" Shi called out, hoping it was someone to share their company with hir.
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Post by Nekoni » Sat Nov 07, 2009 4:07 am

Wile the great blizzard continue in the great thundra, the young cat felt a sensation he had never flet before. the cold air in his cheecks, his furr frozen in every tip and ending of his limbs, and the sound of the storm, or rather, the silence of it.

Confused, he jumps out of his slumber to find himself in the deep part of what it would seem to be a cave, but the mouth of it already seems occupied buy a shadow wich shortly enlarged a pair of wing out of a jacket that seem to cover little against the harsh enviorment.

Completly confused now about the scenario arround him, he tries to run arround a rock long enough to give him cover but a small sound prevents him from moving any further: a small silver pen shines inside a pair of boots, that seems very warm and adequeate for the climate outside. Realizing that the winged shadow has not yet notice his presence, he quickly tries to search for anything else in the surroundings, but sadly only a light coat, the boots and the pen is what his hazel eyes can manage to see of any use at all.

Taking all tree items into hands another sound makes his head turn arround in surprise. The shadow at the entrance yells out a, what it would seem a friendly invitation to the outside world with a loud:

Crystal - HEY!!! -

Still with suspicion, and mostly confusion in his head, the cat retrives to the originally big rock to escape the cold with what little he has at hand, and after looking at the pen for just a glimpse of an eye, steps in the snow outside the cave interrupt his curiosity. Hiding in the shadows he looks over the rock.
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Post by Xiprix » Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:35 am

"HEY!!!" The word carried far on the intermittent breeze, made even more perplexing in the descending darkness. Rehcal was quick to react, summoning his sword upon his hand; neck jerking to and fro, trying to trace the source but failing under the resounding echo. When the voice didn't call out again, he visibly relaxed, returning the weapon to its sheath. He'd been a bit jumpy today, what with his previous encounter and all, and that sudden outburst of epic intensity had done little to assuage his 'edge'.

Narrowing his amethyst eyes, he scanned again, holding a greater attention to focus rather then panic. There, a small cave, and what appeared to be one of his kindred brothers--a wolf, moving toward it.

That made him feel better, doubly so when the fur matched his exactly. (well save for his red facial markings that was) Perhaps he could offer some companionship, after all, it was nearly dark, and spending the night alone in the snow was hardly appealing...

But first, he would do his comrade a boon of favour; that fool had carelessly left his hiking stick in the snow, and given the milieu, would be sure to want it back.

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Re: Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

Post by dragon51117 » Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:59 pm

A voice in the distance traveled loud through the open area, vibrating individual flakes with the slightest movements. Ryn turned to the faint sound. He had been sitting in a tree with his home-made bow, what he called a gear bow. Waiting for game for a few hours or so in the blistering winds (which he was honestly content with), he was deciding to jump down and head back to his home when the voice that traveled so far reached his ears.

He turned his head towards the general direction, not sure exactly where it came from. Although his vision was good, and his sixth sense was even better, he couldn't see with the snow striking through his field of sight. Wanting to explore a bit more before heading back, Ryn put strapped the bow to his back and jumped down from the branch he was on, landing with a soft scrunch of snow.

Turning towards the direction once more, Ryn began walking towards the sound, hoping to find something fun.
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Re: Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

Post by Niitania » Sat May 11, 2013 9:23 pm

Snow did nothing to dampen the sounds echoing off the landscape. Black-tipped ears perked, rustling the snow that had settled upon them. A snowbank shifted, then disintegrated into loose fluff as the folf pushed herself through. She had been curled under the snow, using her instinct and natural body heat for her own shelter, as she had been taught by her father. She shook the snow out of her fur and clothing, dusting off the particles of ice that had frozen there. Bright green eyes glanced around, ears twisting and turning to find the voices she had heard. Her gaze landed on figures in the distance, and she dropped into a crouch to avoid being seen. Black nose and ear tips would be visible, but barely. Bright green eyes would catch light, but only if shone directly upon them. Not that that was hard to do, considering the black patch around her left eye. Her white cloak helped the rest of her to blend with the snow once again.

She reached beneath her and dug out her rucksack, slipping it quickly and quietly onto her back. Keeping low to the ground, she slunk forward, eyes never leaving those figures ahead of her. Right paw, black to the elbow, moved silently to pull her bow from the sling on her back, and left reached back to find an arrow. As she got within shooting range, she silently knocked an arrow to bowstring, taking aim first at the largest form -- the one with the wings. She held her fire, waiting to see if any of these creatures seemed violent before taking a shot.

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Re: Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

Post by Sawdust » Mon May 20, 2013 7:21 pm

Feint Verser had come to the Arctic Islands less than two weeks ago, just enough time to hear a fanciful rumor or two and the nearest port city and get hopelessly lost in a massive network of caves. The tarantula was on the hunt for a legendary type of ice, found deep underground, that could supposedly be alchemically treated to be as strong as the finest steel. He was intrigued by how such a material could inform his own explorations of the esoteric limits of blacksmithing and weaponsmithing. Unfortunately, what little information he had on this "ice-steel" did not include a detailed map to a rich vein, so he made do with a compass and a great deal of chalk that he could at least use to mark the stone walls of the paths that he had already travelled.

But these caves were the type of caves that probably would (and, Feint grudgingly acknowledged, probably should) be protecting mystical objects. Feint's compass was thrown off by sizable iron deposits, and the chalk markings he made seemed to vanish into the damp labyrinth as easily as he did. He wandered aimlessly for days on end, his supply of torches, hardtack and clean water wearing down to ashes, crumbs and drops. His woolen traveler's robe kept him warm enough, though, and for this he was very grateful.

He lost track of time, but, eventually, he finally saw the faintest trace of light ahead of him. He carefully but quickly squeezed through a series of several small apertures in the stone wall that hid this light and found himself in a relatively well-lit cave with the distinct tang of fresh air. An exit!

As his eyes blinked and squinted in the new brightness, he suddenly heard a female voice cry out, "Hey!"

He still couldn't see very well, so he could only perceive the outline of a winged figure against the cave mouth. Wishing to put this figure at ease despite his unwitting intrusion, he spread his robe to reveal all six of his clawed hands, to show that he was not holding a weapon, and spoke as calmly and respectfully as he could in a gravelly voice slightly occluded by his two sets of mandibles. "Well met, stranger. I mean no harm."

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Re: Wandering Paw sore and weary. (Open)

Post by Nekoni » Tue May 21, 2013 12:25 am

Feet's feel very heavy as all the blood of the body rushes instantly to them.
With a blank stare, and as hard as he could, the white cat grab the pen on his hand and squeeze into a corner as he saw the giant bug come from the end of the cave. Of all the places to be in a white tundra, it was inside of a grey tunnel where his coat will be most useful, he thought as only rocks and cold where behind him. Without knowing to move, yell or run, he simply stare at the creature a few meters from him, without knowing how to react.
Hostility was not his strongest asset, but being eaten alive was perhaps, a least pleasant thought. He force himself to look around, searching for anything to defend himself, but outside a pair of boots, a flimsy cape and a pen, he was only holding hopes in his hands.
Suddenly, the creature spoke
"Well met, stranger. I mean no harm."
The terror overtook him, and he rushes as hard as he could to the mouth of the cave, not noticing the figure that, as he rushes against, evaporated into a million feathers into the blizzard. He tumble to the snow, now a patch of black and white. He tried to regain his posture quickly, but the deep snow made it hard to panic.
As he look over, he saw eight reflections of dark light coming from the inside, and now even he's stare was turning into ice itself.
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