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The Dark crystal(Open)

This is where all of the medieval Arctic Islands role-plays are archived.
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Post by Tal_os » Tue Nov 10, 2009 9:31 pm

Alex bends down to lift Varalor from where he fell. Alex considers the skunk lucky he didn't fall on his own sword. He looks over his shoulder at Pantalaimon. "So, where is your bed anyway? I'm sure our guest wouldn't appreciate it if we left him on the floor." His gaze lingers on Trith for a brief second, before returning to the task at hand. So, someone else here was involved in the crystals. However, this situation needed to be handled delicately. Ordinarily, the promise of riches would be enough to turn most mercenaries to his side, although this one seemed to be motivated by something other than money. Alex frowned; things were so much easier when people were motivated by greed. "Maybe I'm overreacting." He thought to himself. "So far, he says it's just research. There could still be a chance to set up mining operations before anyone else."


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Post by PantalaimonX » Wed Nov 11, 2009 1:18 pm

''I see,so you are here for crystals aswell.''He said after pointing out the direction of the bed to Alex.
''Hmm,it seams the blizzard stoped completely,now its just a cold regular day.''He said as he walked near the door and opened it.

''Hmm,all this new people...i have no idea how the fight or what are their belifs,i need to be carefull with the crystal now.''He thought to him self as he gazed upon the icy mountains...

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Post by Trith » Thu Nov 12, 2009 4:05 am

Trith put down his teacup, a barely noticeable pout plastered on his face. "We're leaving already?" The wolf just sat down in the warmth and was loath to have to leave it again so soon. Unfortunately work had to be done and luxury would have to wait. There were people depending on him...

A photograph of one of the little kittens, playing with the pup of a family that had recently moved to the poorest provinces Trith had visited, flashed through his mind. In the next was the same pup, holding up a bowl to the wolf, hunger in his little eyes even as he offered the very last of his rice. The wolf rejected it, of course, but the generosity and tolerance of the community was heartwarming. It was time he repayed them in the best way he knew how...by being a wanderer. By being able to go places they could not.

"Alright, let's go. Does anyone have an idea of where to start," the wolf asked before drinking the last of the tea and getting out of the chair.
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Post by Kiba Kurokage » Tue Dec 22, 2009 4:50 am

Crystal took a look around quickly. Shi wanted to make sure that everyone was in decent condition. Alex, Pantalaimon, Trith and the new coming Skunk all seemed ok, even more so since the new arrival had staged off the frostbite. Shi stood up for a moment at Tirth's question, wanting to do hir best to help with the search. Shi spread hir wings a bit to draw attention to hirself as shi started hir thoughts. "I suggest that all those who are searching for the crystal stick together in two groups, with me as the go-between. I recommend searching an area about ten miles away, north-northwest, for reasons that I am currently unable to tell you. I will be a guide and since the blizzard is over, there shouldn't be any clouds and we should start moving before long. Anybody else have any ideas?" Shi asked, wanting to hear if anyone had a better idea.
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Post by PantalaimonX » Wed Dec 23, 2009 2:15 am

(Yay,i thought this was long forgotten.Anyway since i changed my characters format as if he has the dark crystal already we can still continue the story ignoring that part in my bio.)
After hearing what crystal had to say Pantalaimon decided this might have been the best course of action since this way they would cover the area faster,thus saving time.
The only thing that worried him was if someone else found the dark crystal before.
He turned his attention to Crystal and said:''Alright,i think we should do as you say,i think after Varalor wakes up wee should be able to start.''
Pantalaimon was now addressing everyone in the room ''Now if you would excuse me, i need to go and get something from my store room.''He said as he walked outside.


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