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Another day in the Great White North

This is where all of the medieval Arctic Islands role-plays are archived.
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Another day in the Great White North

Post by Amaguq » Thu Jan 14, 2010 7:54 pm

Tiny, delicate snowflakes were whipped around by the wind, gleaming in the first rays of the morning sun. The temperature was a "balmy" -20°F, but the inhabitants of the land, who were just beginning to wake up, barely noticed it. They were used to temperatures like this; in fact, they had seen MUCH colder. A non-sentient snowshoe hare hopped out tentatively onto the Arctic tundra, every muscle in its body hyper-aware of its surroundings. Meanwhile, a figure began climbing up a large ridge, steeling himself as the wind blew snowflakes into his bright blue eyes. The figure reached the top and paused momentarily to get the lay of the land. The horizon was tinged with light yellows, blues and pinks as the sun fought to climb into the sky.

Amaguq loved the Rike Arktik. He couldn't picture himself living anywhere else. There were so many wide, open spaces, and the natural beauty never failed to take his breath away. He loved the nights, when the Northern Lights filled the sky, and he swore he could see the spirits of his wolf and malamute ancestors running in them. Some might call him crazy, but he didn't care. The only drawback was not being able to see his family very much --- but he tried to see them as much as possible. The fur flipped up the hood on his parka and lifted a paw up to the side of his forehead to block the sun.

Pretty soon, his keen eyes picked up on some movement to the left. He could tell by the shape of its ears that it was a hare of some kind. Amaguq slowly climbed farther down the ridge, positioning himself so that he was in the shadow of a rocky outcrop. He tightened his grip on his bow and pulled out an arrow, strung it and aimed at the unsuspecting hare. For a brief moment, it seemed like everything around Amaguq ceased to exist; it was just him and the hare. He released his hold on the string and let the arrow fly. Sure enough, the arrow hit its target and the hare fell to the ground silently. Amaguq grinned in delight and ran forward, kneeling down in front of the hare's carcass. He mumbled a quiet prayer to Kukik and the rest of the Great Spirits for the food, then tied the hare's hindlegs together and slung it over his back. Feeling quite pleased with himself, he started walking back towards his skin tent, whistling an old fishermen's tune to himself. However, something made him stop right in his tracks. He could hear another voice speaking above the wind. Deciding that it would be best if he checked it out, Amaguq hunched over and walked in the direction of the noise, always making sure he was behind sufficient cover. One paw was resting on his knife, grabbing the hilt just in case this person was unfriendly...


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Post by jesterzone » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:21 pm

winter was enjoying the sun, so much he had loss all track of time but he didn't care.wearing his red robe he stood out like a sore thumb but again he didn't care, he had no enemies, he on his home island, there was no reson to. just coming out of his
teen years he still had no expereans in combat and he was unaware of the shadow
luming above him. still unaware this arctic fox begins to hum to himself a tune which he had forgoten where he learn it from.

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Post by Ziger » Tue May 11, 2010 5:20 pm

Gree kept hidden in the snow, still grimacing at the feral hare that had been feln by the wolf. It gripped at something deep in his heritage, but the pain was nulled by the knowledge that it was not him who had been speared by the arrow, and by the cold air. Even as the sun came up, the snowshoe hare blended in flawlessly with the snow that had duned over his huddled bunch in the night, protected by his ragged white cloak. He watched the wolf as best he could as he carried off his prey, cold grey eyes only losing their lock when he disappeared behind cover. 'He'll be gone soon, and I can move then,' Gree thought to himself, burrowing deeper into the loose snow around him. His eyes widened as he saw the wolf resume attack mode, the small white lump of snow that was Gree stood perfectly still. Then he saw the fox, white against the snow, like every thing else in the winter world. The fox looked young to the aging hare, and he did not think him armed. Against his nature, he tried to persuade the wolf in another direction. He exhaled sharply, and whispered on the wind, letting the gentle gusts carry them to the waiting wolven ears. "Don't touch the little one." And with that, he pulled his hood down against the snow, hiding himself from sight.


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