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The road less traveled (Open)

This is where all of the medieval Arctic Islands role-plays are archived.
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Re: The road less traveled (Open)

Post by zakorath » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:00 am

Salvador stood up sharply when Toyomi's tent decided to come to life before him. Eventually the fox untangled himself from the ragged pile on the snow. The great bear chuckled slightly, and rested on the handle of his hammer. For a second or two, life was normal, until his companion decided to disappear in a blurry trail across the woods before yelling back at him and Gree.

was the first to move, in a second blue, leaving Salvador to walk alone to the new prisoner. He slung his hammer over his shoulder, glanced back at the crumpled tent, and began to move towards the calls.

He arrived to a sight that looked like a hallucinating feline had killed everything around him. Gree, lying in the snow, and the tree the cat was against dying quietly to itself. Salvador's jaw dropped open and remained so as he surveyed the scene before him. "What- What happened?" He directed the question purely at Toyomi, as the only other still standing fur there. His grip on the hammer tightened, as scenarios ran through his head, colliding and combining into some hideous idea of this demonic feline killing all it touches.


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Re: The road less traveled (Open)

Post by Nekoni » Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:47 pm

[[Posteh to cometh!!]]
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Re: The road less traveled (Open)

Post by Bigfox3 » Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:53 pm

(Erm, Nekoni? Posting order means it's my turn. Sorry I've been gone awhile, but hopefully we can recover this role-play!)

Toyomi had only gotten out a small selection of herbs and bandages, hoping Salvador would be willing to carry the feline delicately into town where the local doctor could more properly patch him up. Of course, Gree had come to the rescue in this regard. "I'm not sure, Salvador," he answered the bear's question, "I think it was a wound transferring spell. I've read about this technique, but didn't know of anyone who'd mastered it let alone attempted it. Hopefully the tree will recover in time, but the two of you are more important at the moment. Do you two recognize one another? And do you remember anything about how you got here, friend?" The last was directed at the cat. He hoped and prayed that this wasn't connected to his brother in any way.
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