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(Mideval, Open) Swords-For-Hire

This is where all of the medieval Arctic Islands role-plays are archived.
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Re: (Mideval, Open) Swords-For-Hire

Post by KiloFoxx » Thu Dec 12, 2013 7:57 am

"Delay after delay, I wonder if we'll e'er find the item you're searching for. I figured you two would be ecstatic to leave, especially now that the big mad bull is bleeding upstairs if you hadn't noticed." Kilo's nose twitched slightly as the smell of blood wafted past.
"regardless, glad to see you all made it to town allright without my assistance. I'd explain, but it's likely better you be left in the dark on this matter." "those that don't die trying to kill me tend to think of me differently... as they leave... he added mentally.



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