Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

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Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by Rackenhammer »

No nation exists in isolation. Even Isolationism is an acknowledgment of the outside world. As this is true on Earth, so it is on Feila: Each country has to decide what it's policy will be towards all the others.

This is the thread where this will be spelled out and easily visible. Each player who plays a monarch has the authority to set forth what their attitude towards the others will be, whether they will pursue peace, war, trade, piracy/privateering, isolation, and, yes, even attempted conquest (though, of course, one should expect resistance).

The meta-plot is a way of giving dedicated players influence over the lore and events of the world. As monarchs, it is your responsibility to foster and guide your nation through these events, for good or for ill.

You will be expected to update these policies in response to major events.


Note: While monarchs can set policy, they cannot necessarily dictate the attitudes of their country-furs. Certain prejudices will remain constant, but it's up to you whether you will try to overcome them, or use them to bolster your own popularity/security.

The main ones are these:
1. Edwin and Gawain do not get along. Two powerful nations sharing the same continent have come to blows many times in their respective histories, with atrocities more or less equally distributed on both sides. This animosity has filtered down into the population, so that cats and mustelids have an intense racial prejudice against each other, in normal circumstances.

2. Kahun and Maze do not get along. Neither nation is strong in the great scheme of things, but Maze has been in an especially perilous position, having had to carve out an independence from the old Pharoes of Kahun, and always having to fight to keep it.

These are long-standing animosities, but what you do with them is up to you.


The Policy of Gawain

General: King Gregor is a skilled and clear-headed political actor, but decidedly unromantic and rather cynical. He has a mercantile rather than a military background, and so his first concern is generally whether he can "do business" with another head of state. He is in his way patriotic, regarding the interests of his country as a whole, but not a great believer in ideals of any kind.

Towards Edwin: While he does not feel anything like a personal hatred for his eastern neighbor, Gregor is extremely distrustful of it. Centuries of war and animosity are not easily covered up, and any overtures of peace are to be regarded with suspicion, for it would not be the first time some unscrupulous lawyer sought to deprive a country of rightful holdings by treaty. He is not in favor of escalating the conflict, by any means, and so will not make the first move. He won't hesitate to make the second, however.

Towards Domus: Gregor regards the Canine Kingdom neutrally. In spite of its current alliance with Edwin, he encourages business and relations with it, knowing the day may come when alliances shift.

Towards Yamaha: While his subjects feel suspicious towards cats of any kind, Gregor has made active efforts to expand Gawainian relations to the feline Dynasty towards the north. In his mercantile days, he had business partners, even friends, from that nation, and as the sole exporter of certain luxury goods, Yamaha to him has always been a valuable trade partner. In addition, the recent efforts by the Emperor to root out Yakuza corruption have been publicly applauded by Gregor, who at the start of his reign had to do much the same thing with the Torrahel syndicate.

Towards Piriqui: The dark tribal lands hold little interest for Gregor in themselves, although his treaty commitments now allow for his ships to act as privateers against the Edwinian Merchant Marines in their waters. These acts against the capture and enslavement of avians might buy him some goodwill, if the tribes ever hear about it.

Towards Kahun: Gregor's closer relationship with Maze has pretty much cut him off, diplomatically, from the desert kingdom. He fears that force may have to be employed in order to ensure the safety of his subjects abroad, and that always has a chance to escalate...

Towards Maze: In one of the oddest episodes in his reign's foreign policy, Gregor has found himself with his issues with Maze resolved, and yet more entangled with its affairs than ever. His representatives having pretty much altered the entire course of the war towards an Alliance government, he now finds himself with a Northern Ally, with which he has good trade deals and favorable port usage. Not exactly a rich ally, but he's committed to Maze's fate now, since it has already bought him some trouble...

Towards the Arctic Islands: One of the most remote countries from the great Kingdoms of the South, nevertheless there have been surprisingly active routes to this cold outpost of civilization. Mainly, this is due to the crystal mines, whose product is universally desirable, both for jewelry and magical research. Gawain courts this county alongside Edwin, knowing full well that they have to get along here, if they have any hope of getting either of their paws on the goods.


The Policy of the New Kingdom of Maze

General: As of right now, the main effort of the new government is recovery, both from a recent famine and the recent war. Rebuilding and reconciliation are the orders of the day, and further disruptions of the peace are strongly discouraged. Both of the joint rulers, though with largely separate power bases, remain committed to their common project and strive to show a united front internationally.

Towards Edwin: Relations with the feline Kingdom may be said to have taken a strong turn for the worse. The sudden change in factional alliance rather left the Edwinian representatives in the lurch, as the New Alliance would continue to honor Galavez's commitment to dismantle the trade in Avian slaves, and now could use Gawainian ships to do so. In response, the Edwinian force booby-trapped their beachhead, and ruined the farmlands thereabouts. Now, trade between the two is practically nil; and Maze has yet to send an ambassador.

Towards Gawain: Given that the new government practically owes its existence to the efforts of Gawainian representatives, they are very much in the Mustelids' "camp", as it were. Quite a bit of Gawainian gold and bread is sent to sustain the reconstruction efforts, and in return, quite favorable trade and treaties have been granted. Not bad for a onetime enemy.

Towards Domus: Domus was probably wise not to pick sides, as now there is no baggage it must deal with in the New Kingdom. Both the King and the Tribune would prefer normalized relations with the Canine Kingdom.

Towards Kahun: The ancient enemy remains the ancient enemy, though the Tribune has always had a certain amount of respect for the fighting lizards.

Towards Piriqui: The Tribune remains committed to ending the slave trade, as per treaty arrangements with various avian tribes, and the King has also signed his name to it.

Towards Yamaha: The New government seeks normalized relations with this state, and would like it to once again open itself for missionaries and trade.

Towards the Arctic Islands: The Tsarina did herself few favors by cutting off trade during the war. The power base of the King regard them coolly, and the ports in Southern Maze have noticeably higher tariffs than those in the administration of the Tribune.
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Re: Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by Asyriel »

Policies of Edwin:

General/Internal:King Gavin is a Ruler of many faces, but his policies show an interest in bettering the overall quality of life of all citizens of Edwin. He has sponsored many public works projects to work toward that end. He hates corruption in those who have been appointed to serve the people, and takes a heavy hand on any guilty of it, and he will often work actively toward rooting it out. He strives to expand the boundaries of Edwin's influence both politically and economically, often sending envoys or gifts to other countries as well as offering incentives to those interested in starting international trade.

Toward Gawain: Gavin has no personal enmity toward the people of Gawain. While he does understand that the majority of the people of both countries have no love for each other, he would personally like to see a peace between the two countries defined by more than just a current absence of conflict. He often contemplates sending an envoy, and may someday follow through with it.

Toward Domus: Gavin continues to view Domus as an ally, and makes efforts to keep their alliance mutually beneficial, though he is rather concerned at the recent lack of reciprocity and the general air of apathy coming from Domus

Toward Yamaha: Gavin enjoyed his time in Yamaha, and endeavors for positive relations with the country. He often tries to encourage the citizens of both countries to visit the other as well as free trade between the two countries.

Toward Piriqui: While the country holds little of interest politically, it seems to be a growing center for picking up slaves for Edwin's slave trade. While Gavin has a bit of a personal interest in the land, it's little more than that.

Toward Kahun: Gavin has found that there is a lot of potential for Edwin in the desert lands of Kahun, and works toward an alliance. As a gesture of good faith, Gavin has gone as far as to offer to send some of Edwin's military leadership to help train Kahun's forces.

Toward Maze: While Gavin will not say weather or not the booby-trapping, and destruction of lands around his forces beach head was at his order, he does not wish the kingdom of Maze ill. He has no desire to start a conflict, though Mazan goods and merchants see a high tariff as repercussions for turning against him despite the help he had sent. For diplomatic relations to be repaired, in Gavin's eyes, Maze would have to cease any active efforts against Edwin's slave trade though he wouldn't fault the rodent kindom for interfering with ships that entered their territory.

Toward the Arctic Islands: Gavin sponsors several trade ships that make regular trips to the islands, as well as sending an ambassador. He knows that Gawain is attempting to establish better relations with the country as well, and sees it as a possible stage to help further peace between Gawain and Edwin themselves.
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Re: Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by evil9731 »

Policies of Kahun

Heremus has made himself a popular king with his people by the reforms he made in his younger years, including free trade, which was all controlled by the monarchy in his father's reign. As it is now, Kahun is at peace with itself and most others, content to continue as they are now rather than antagonize their neighbors.

Towards Edwin:
A powerhouse of a country, Heremus has made doubly sure to keep Edwin out of Kahun's affairs. If Edwin were to ever bring their attention to Kahun, they would find themselves being booted out of the desert country by its massive army.

Towards Gawain:
If it can be helped, Heremus will make an ally of Gawain, respecting the country and its people far more than Edwin. Kahun enjoys trade with Gawain on a regular basis, Heremus promoting this trade at every step he can.

Towards Domus:
Heremus and Kahun could care less about Domus, neither bad nor good in their eyes it's just... there. It means nothing to them as it is, and that will probably not change for a long time.

Towards Maze:
If there is one thing to be said about Maze is that it will never be anything more than garbage in the eyes of the Kahun people. Heremus looks down on Maze as all the Kings before him have, having actually considered invading it a few times in the past. His dislike of the rodent country is matched by his Queen, Relenia, who after marrying him actually sent her former bandit tribe to Maze to leave Kahun in peace and disrupt Maze even further.

Towards Yamaha:
While Heremus does not care much for Yamaha, and would rather forget it exists, his son has taken quite the interest in the feline country and makes regular visits, to the point that the King has an estate there for him and his son's yearly hunting trip. As a result, Kahun maintains some form of loose alliance with Yamaha.

Towards the Territory of the Ravens "Piriqui":
Often exploited by Kahun, the tribal areas of Priqui are rich in resources which Kahunian officials are quick to relieve the avians of, knowing that they have the superior forces against the winged beasts. While Heremus is not especially hostile towards the Tribal land, he is by no means their friend.

Towards the Arctic Islands "Rike Arktik":
This cold northern area passes under Kahun's radar quite well, almost completely ignored by the reptile country due to its cold weather and what Heremus calls "a desolate wasteland", the people of Kahun simply leave this place alone.
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Re: Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by Kael »

Policies of the Yamaha Dynasty

General/Internal: The newly crowned Emperor Moshimo Takashari has decreed war on the Ikeda Family. After their involvement in his own past, and their assassination of the last Emperor, Moshimo has decided their forces will work on rooting their influence out. He is currently hunting down those with connections to the family and removing them from any position of power, strangling the corruption that exists in his country. he is working to eliminate oppression and racism, but that has taken a side-burner for the war at hand. He has no wish to start a war with any other country.

Toward Edwin: Moshimo has no desire to take on or anger the power of Edwin. His feelings toward them are mostly neutral, though he has studied their policies to know the world. He encourages trade, and hopeful they will provide some aid should he ask.

Toward Gawain: having never been there, Moshimo has no wish to directly call upon them. He has heard of their great army, and knows that soon he might need to build a stronger relationship with them so he has an ally should the Ikedas prove too difficult. The encouragement from the ruler has spurred him to recently attempt to establish more trade routes with them for necessary materials. He hopes to travel there when he has more time to train more thoroughly in the art of the blade, and become a true blademaster.

Toward Domus: Moshimo hopes Domus will continue to be friendly with Yamaha and provide some possible aid if needed. They have certain goods that merchants from Yamaha endeavor to collect, and relations will hopefully continue to be good.

Toward Kahun: Moshimo welcomes the royalty of Kahun with open arms, yet always keeping an eye on them for he has a small distrust of snakes. He still allows them to hunt with him during their trip, and assigns servants to periodically clean their estate.

Towards Maze: While the majority of his racial stereotype is there, Moshimo remains friendly with Maze while still watching them with piercing eyes. He regularly denies missionaries from them, for he cannot deal with the citizens questioning their religion while he deals with the Ikedas. Nevertheless, he hopes the Mazans remain friendly during his current trials.

Towards the Territory of Ravens: Moshimo currently has no wish to conquer any of the territories, preferring to remain friendly with any tribes who trade with them. He encourages this relationship, since he may one day call upon them for help should the Ikedas retreat to the Territories.

Towards the Arctic Islands: Moshimo currently wants to have allies among the settlers of the Islands, and trades openly with the harsh land. He encourages their people to come back for any reason, for they are hardened and can possibly assist should the Ikedas strike where he is not. As such, he regularly visits once a year in order to feel the cold bite of the wind on his skin while he practices.
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Re: Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by IkarosMelan »

Policies of the Arctic Islands

General/Internal: Tsarina Deirdre has had many the opportunity to adjust to being in power, and has learned that keeping the country stable will take more than public appearances. The economic status of the country has begun to improve, with an increase in wealth and a decrease in poverty and low-income households. More emphasis has been put on the fishing industry to keep a steady flow of revenue, all while preventing any environmental damages. An idea of "Shared Wealth" had been put into place in "trial towns" to observe the effects of splitting income 75/25 between rich and poor households. Currently, the project remains mildly successful in getting those in need on their feet. Enforced efforts have been put into lowering crime in heavy blizzard-stricken territories to prevent casualties of innocents. Those caught committing crimes will be given a fair trial, and either punished or executed depending on the crime. Security at certain trade ports has been increased to prevent the introduction of foreign fugitives and odd characters. The law system is sometimes malleable during crucial matters, and can be influenced by other territories on major or minor scales. Because of this, the application process for official citizenship changes every six years. 

Toward Gawain: Any citizen of Gawain is welcome to the Islands in time of need. The territory has always been viewed as a fallback destination as well as a personal getaway place. Several scribes are sent there annually to observe traditions, particularly those of the seasonal type. As another ally, efforts are put into keeping positive relations. 

Toward Domus:  High standing between the two. Domus is viewed as an eternal ally due to the strong military forces present in both territories. There is a slight preferential bias due to the Tsarina's mixed bloodline. Trade is quite strong and frequent, with a common exchange of resources. Representatives are often sent to mingle with the people and meet with the King. 

Toward Edwin: Visits from the ambassador have become quite regular, and have become something of a celebrated event. Trade has become an expected thing, with at least one shipment of various goods being sent off as the ambassador departs. Political ties stand strong.

Toward Yamaha: As some species that are now native to the Arctic Islands can be traced back here, the relationship remains quite neutral. A watchful eye has been placed on the overly trustworthy ruler, however. While his presence is annually expected, his nature is perceived as "off" by many, deeming him a possible - but not definite danger. Felines themselves, although, are treated thoughtfully and respectfully. Deirdre believes that good fortune is brought along with a cat's spirit, and is enthralled when they choose to visit or move. 

Toward Kahun:  Admiring the instillation of pride and discipline within the king, there is an understanding of strength within the kingdom that humbles the Tsarina. She insists on sending a handful of soldiers to train with their military every spring for the convenience of the weather. 

Toward Maze: With the recent war at a close, Tsarina Deirdre still feels wary and unsure of the shattered kingdom. However, Maze can expect much needed supplies and aid from the Rike Arctic, thanks to her younger sister Agnes. Her ways and silver tongue convinced the Tsarina to be more ready and willing to lend a helping hand. Several ships have been sent over into the territory to assist in the categories of rebuilding, providing essentials (food, water, clothing, etc.), and medical aid. Agnes also demanded that a fleet of about 700 soldiers visit Maze, 400 of which will protect the people and royalty. The other 300 will offer their strength to families weakened by the war and them back onto stable ground. Monetary aid has also been sent to the country. As the status of the country improves, family volunteers will be withdrawn, unless citizens request otherwise. Trade is expected to resume in three weeks' time.

Toward the Territory of The Ravens "Piriqui": Deirdre is scientifically fascinated by the Avian and their extremely different types, and enjoys studying them as modestly as possible. Due to the abundance of information, annual drawings are held to see which exact area is to be studied for that specific quarter of the year. With no political leader, Deirdre sees the territory itself as nothing more than an area of interest. The relationship is currently neutral.  
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Re: Feilan Meta-plot: Monarchial Policy

Post by Brimstone »

General: After his Fathers death, Brimstone spiraled down into depression. He lost all care for the grand scheme of the other countries. He also neglects those under his rule. The country is currently having a hard time remaining afloat, poverty and crime skyrocketing without the aid of there ruler.

Toward Gregor: Domus regards Gregor neutrally. Brimstone accepts business and relations with it, not caring about it further past that.

Toward Edwin: Domus continues to view Edwin as an ally, but makes no real efforts to keep their alliance mutually beneficial.

Toward Yamaha: Domus remains allies with Yamaha but currently do very little to maintain the alliance.

Towards Kahun: Domus could care less about Kahun, as it stays out of the way. It gives Brimstone room to breath.

Toward Arctic Islands: Brimstone is not all that interested in the Arctic Islands. His father held relations with them so does he, but over the last two years their ambassadors have been met with less hospitality each time they came.

Toward Maze: Brimstone could care not for this country. His father paid them no mind, he paid them even less.

Toward the Territory of The Ravens "Piriqui": Birds... Flying things? Why did he care? He had better things to worry about.

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