Additional Information - Architecture

Feila is now home to a wide range of advanced technology that makes Earth's present day computers look like children's toys. Sentient androids walk the streets as free citizens, robots have taken over much of the industrial work, and the youth surf the streets on hover boards. Medicine has become so advanced that the disabled can be fitted with cybernetic limbs, while those seeking super strength can find said technology on the black market. Politics have shifted greatly, and Edwin has become a cold and controlling authoritarian state, with each of the remaining nations changed in its own manner. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Additional Information - Architecture

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Architecture - Edwin

Nottingham, as an example of an Edwinish city, is a mixed up sprawl of buildings dating back 100 years ago, sandstone, pillars and all, to the government's sleek, blue-black shock resistant headquarters. In fact, the five government buildings are the only buildings that could be classified as skyscrapers, the city's winding roads and medieval roots make large skyscrapers a difficulty. It is a strange curiosity how one can walk down a road and see 100 years of architectural history go past.

Architecture - Domus

Rennes as the example for Domish architecture is prone to designing buildings with a traditional look, having not the money to build upwards, and usually to paint the house white or some variant, so the city looks quite bright from a distance. Rennes seems to fit in just about every land use from the businesslike industrial docks to the near-silent Imperial Gardens, outside the Palace.

Architecture - Maze

Mazan architecture favours flat roofing, and mud brick housing, meaning no tall buildings are in place, and the design endeavours to keep the house cool. Duero as an example still holds its Medieval fortifications, the wall, which protects the houses and larger public buildings within. Attacks by Kahunians leave some parts of this otherwise quaint town looking a bit burnt.

Architecture - Gawain

Home of the grandest cathedrals in the world, Gawain is now home to the grandest high rise structures in the world. It is not easy to incorporate elements of cathedral design into a skyscraper, but the Gawainian architects delight in their round windows with coloured glass, and the addition of spires and tiled sloped roofs. If ever there was a city of grand building, Bayreauth and others are it.

Architecture - Kahun

Similar to Maze, the main construction is the mud brick house, mainly because the Kahunians haven't the skills to do anything else. The country, being in Anarchy has no one style of building, nor no 'architects'. Some of the old concrete buildings from a time when Kahun had a government are used as homes also.

Architecture - Yamaha

Yamaha's unrestricted building have led to some of the tallest, if not ugliest buildings in the world. Great pillars of concrete rule the airspace in most major cities, and free design procedures lead to some designs that are suitable, others that look like they belong in the industrial sector. Architects try anything from great spiral constructs, which are popular, to skyscrapers with moving parts, as though it's some sort of proof of Yamahanese technological prowess. Yamaha is often described as an 'eyesore' by foreigners, but the government insists to its people that it is the building of the future.

Architecture - Territory of the Ravens

New Nottingham is Old Nottingham to a tee. Buildings ranging from 19th century terraces to concrete blocks are sprawled over a large, sunlit expanse. Whilst not as large as Old Nottingham, New Nottingham features the same winding, uneven and at times utterly strange road patterns, making getting lost all too easy.

Architecture - Rike Arktik

Shiya loves its concrete these days, most buildings save the Palace are concrete, or similar. The buildings cannot rise too high, except for the lighthouse, as blizzards cause risk of damage. Further North, whilst some permanent concrete structures are built in places like Andalsnes, stone and ice are still used. Narvik is still the most difficult place to get to in the world, and looks basically the same as it did hundreds of years ago.
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