To Catch a Dragon

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Re: To Catch a Dragon

Post by Flickerfinger » Mon Aug 09, 2010 10:41 am

The quarry to which the lizard was probably halfway was less afraid now than he had been, and really becoming quite angry. He was curled up in a high branch where the sun just began to darken in the trees, his dun-colored wings folded entirely over himself. With two bounty hunters having actually found him, both of whom had the capability to find him again rather easily, he knew that a showdown was coming. Fiat was the son of two Dragons, magic and fierceness were his nature – but running away is a hard habit to break. The logical choice would be to move farther inland, but he didn't know how far until the next port, so he settled for the devil he knew. He was heading for the port of Belantile again, Piriqui or bust. Even though it meant going back the way he had come, past a brace of bounty hunters and a cat.

His wings snapped open. He half-flew, half-climbed his way through the canopy, leaping from branch to branch with the grace of a squirrel. He knew that the trees ran out far beyond the town, and he would have to cross a hundred yards of open moor before he made the port. Even then, he would have to avoid the eyes of the sailors and the bounty hunters in order to successfully stow away. It seemed impossible. But the late afternoon sun was sinking ever faster in the western horizon; night would shield him. And after all, he was a Dragon.

((OOC: You could catch him on the moor, or the port. Either way, I guess we regroup in Belantile.))
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Re: To Catch a Dragon

Post by RabidFox » Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:40 pm

The cat moved out of the way, and Garbhán missed with his sword. Turning to the feline, he listened in anger as the creature mentioned the lizard.

"Pah! Mind your own damn affairs." He grumbled, unpleasantly—The birdman was thoroughly sick of things now.

He stood still for a moment, regaining his composure. How ever much he disliked this man, he was right. The lizard had slipped away and was indeed after his bounty. The Jay brushed some invisible dust off of his arm, and began to walk off. Over his shoulder, he gave the fellow a few last parting words.

"If you value your bloody tail, you'll stay the hell away from me, Mouse Chaser." He warned.

Spreading his wings, he leapt into the air, beating them until he was high up over the trees and caught a current. Once he was able to glide on the wind, Garbhán took the hated rock from his pouch and studied it for further instructions.

"Oh how I loathe you, Devil Stone." He bickered, as he begrudgingly began his hunt all over again. "The next man that fucks with me is going to find himself without both his eyeballs!"

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Re: To Catch a Dragon

Post by zakorath » Sun Aug 22, 2010 2:54 pm

Derren watched as the avian hunter flew off, guided, in all likelihood, by his ungodly magic. The lizard was probably following a similar path, and of the dragon they sought, there was no trace. With little want to end up in another fight with any hunters, he decided to head back towards the tavern at the docks he had arrived at. It was worth losing his connection the the earth if it could save his life from the dark magic of the birdman.

Heading out back the way he had originally come, he was intrigued to see that the avian seemed to be on a similar path, a few minute's walk ahead, with a widening gap. Odds were, he wasn't headed there for a quiet drink and a good night's sleep. Derren walked slowly, keeping his eye on the birdman up ahead. If the tavern proved no safe ground, he'd have to move on yet again, but should anything break out, at least there was a chance to disappear into a drunken crowd.

'Why do I do this to myself? The dragon means nothing to me, yet... NO! He deserves to be helped! He has done nothing wrong, he doesn't need to be hunted down! But still... It'll set my journey back if I try to help him...' Derren debated his next actions, alone, as he walked; his mind split between his own needs and the righteous path.


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