The Dark Iron Soldiure

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Re: The Dark Iron Soldiure

Post by The Crow » Thu Jun 07, 2012 8:41 am

There was a loud explosion as the bottle ignited on the DIS's back. A loud metallic roar of rage eminated from the helmet, and using the butter to his advantage, Spun around with speed, slamming the battleaxe into the main support pillar of the tavern, then letting the roof collapse. There was a small child, sitting on the sidewalk, petrified. The DIS saw this, and slammed the battleaxe down on him, teleporting him to who knows where. He then raised a hand to the sky.
Instantly the moon sped past to the point where it met the horizon, and returned to normal speed. The DIS then turned and walked towards the moon. Within five steps, he had vanished, fading as the first rays of sunlight hit the town.
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