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The Subfursives (1980s Sci-Fi Non-Canon)

For non-canon Feila and non-Feila role-playing, the Twilight Zone offers a venue to experience all time and all settings. If you'd like to role-play in a time period that has no canon counterpart, or if you'd like to role-play on a world that is not Feila, then this is the place. All races are allowed, including humans.
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Re: The Subfursives (1980s Sci-Fi Non-Canon)

Post by Larcen » Tue Feb 06, 2018 1:05 am

Spike, who never really had gotten her sea-legs, wobbled her way like a true landlubber over to the bar. She mixed up a simple rum and coke for herself, then a scotch on the rocks for her husband. "All yours, Mal. Get whatever you, y'know, want." Spike nearly tripped on her way up to the helm; yep, the deepest body of water she could confidently navigate was a hot tub. More hyena problems. How Turnpike managed to do it was beyond her, though having something to hold onto probably helped.

Halfway up the stairs, however, she found herself shoo'd back down again. Turnpike accepted the drink from her with a grateful kiss, and the two reorganized into a trio again. "So let's get plans outta the way. First thing's first, we gotta get you looking like a big shot gambler. I don't care how good you are, it helps to look like the rich bozo that doesn't care about losing big; just having fun here, oh well, another two hours at the office'll make up for it." You know the type. They see somebody lookin' like you did when we first met, suddenly cleanin' up, the management gets suspicious, know what I mean?"

"Ooo, like, yeah. Get you all fru-fru'd up, fancy straw hat, big sunglasses, silk suit with like, one of those neck thingies, y'know?"

"An ascot, babe?"
"Yeah, like Fred on Scooby Doo wears!"

That made the coyote chuckle and facepaw. "Right, like the cartoon. Anyway yeah, somethin' like that. All three of us'll stroll in there like we're dumb enough to lose all our money but rich enough to not care. Then you work your magic. Meanwhile, I play wingman and look out for any signs of the management gettin' antsy, while Spike is the distraction, the good luck charm, if you will."

"Meaning I like, hang over your shoulder, egg you on, blow on the dice and junk?"

"Ezzacly. You're distractin' as they come, babe, so work it to keep the dealer's eyes off Mal. Which reminds me, if there's anything we should change or anything we could do to make it easier for you to pull it off, lemme know. Just don't go sackin' the casino for all it's worth; we'll bounce around a few, leave each one with decent cash, then move on to the next. Maybe even lose a coupla hands just to throw them off. Incidentally, you never did say what your game of choice was, pal; I'm curious. " Turnpike noted, sipping his drink. He liked to know as much about what made his accomplices tick as he could.
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Re: The Subfursives (1980s Sci-Fi Non-Canon)

Post by Asyriel » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:35 pm

Malcom wasn't a stranger to seafaring vessels, though it had been years since he'd been on one. Luckily natural feline grace kept him from wobbling too much as he followed Spike to the bar. He looked at the selection before eventually pouring some spiced rum for himself. He looked up in time to see Spike turn around, and head back down with Turnpike following close behind.

He nodded as Turnpike suggested dressing like a big shot. It made enough sense, though a casino isn't going to care much how much money you have if you aren't losing any of it. He wrinkled his nose at the idea of an ascot though. "I'm a little more partial to a traditional business suit personally." He replied. "If I'm going to dress up at all." He commented before Turnpike continued to lay out the plan.

He chuckled at the last part as his companions talked about being a distraction. "You make it sound like I plan on cheating." He replied lightheartedly. "As far as games go, let's see..." He pondered. "Blackjack is probably going to be the most consistent game. Poker is my personal preference as far as entertainment value goes, but there are a lot more factors that make winning a little less consistent. If all we're looking for is payoff though, I'd have to go with roulette, especially when you start laying chips on specific numbers."

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