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ASTRAL [Closed: Asyriel|RaelScion|HawkerTheGreat]

For non-canon Feila and non-Feila role-playing, the Twilight Zone offers a venue to experience all time and all settings. If you'd like to role-play in a time period that has no canon counterpart, or if you'd like to role-play on a world that is not Feila, then this is the place. All races are allowed, including humans.
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Re: ASTRAL [Closed: Asyriel|RaelScion|HawkerTheGreat]

Post by Asyriel » Sat Jan 05, 2019 9:53 pm

Sakura looked down at the waystar she'd strapped to her wrist, and smiled at the idea that it would give them access to additional resources while they were in the field. It was at least a little reassuring to know that there would be places for the group to resupply. She continued to listen absently as Solomon went on to explain some more about the waystars and their capabilities.

She followed along as Solomon left the holotable and headed for the elevator. Her attention was still mostly on the waystar, but she perked back up a bit when Solomon addressed her question of transportation. "Well, a ride with somebody else is better than hoofing it at least." She commented when he pointed out that they wouldn't be receiving a transport of their own.

She nodded as Solomon explained who would drop them off, and how they would arrange for their transportation back. "Well, Let's get to it then." She said as she took the piece of cloth that had come with her armor and tied it so it hung from her hip. She turned to walk off, but stopped mid step and turned back to face Solomon again. "Is this their vehicle, or do we need to go find them?"


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Re: ASTRAL [Closed: Asyriel|RaelScion|HawkerTheGreat]

Post by RaelScion » Tue Jan 08, 2019 12:25 am

Nyulotha is silent as things are explained. As they move from the table to the elevator, she experiments with the features of the Waystar, though one ear remains swiveled toward the majority of the group to take in what's being said.

"Fascinating. What do they key off of to locate us? Do they track one another's location? What about other information? Do they provide status displays? If so, what does that track and how does it work?" The elevator ride is punctuated with queries about the Waystars, their functions and operating methods. For once, the wolf is showing real interest in something, albeit a commonplace piece of kit. However, that's far more interest than she's shown in just about anything else, save perhaps baiting her teammates.

Upon arriving at the vehicle, she immediately begins looking it over studiously, as if cataloging its features. It looks as though she might unleash another barrage of questions, but restrains herself with a quiet clearing of her throat. "I volunteer to wait at this location if we have to find them, in case they turn up and need to be informed of our presence." Nyulotha certainly isn't shy about stating her thoughts, that's readily becoming clear.

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Re: ASTRAL [Closed: Asyriel|RaelScion|HawkerTheGreat]

Post by RasHeart » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:24 pm

“I sent out a summons for the team that’ll be transporting you. They’ll be here soon.” Solomon paused for a moment, listening for the sound of an engine. “And the Waystars operate on signal beacons we’ve set up in various operating areas, allowing us to build a networked ma—” He’d be interrupted by the distant roar of an engine.

A bright red Rambler would very suddenly skid to a halt in front of them, kicking up a cloud of dust in its wake while its occupants climbed out. There were four of them, each clad in stylish, yet functional equipment. “This is Strike Team Bandit.” Solomon would call out. “They’re some of the only Reclaimers I can trust to move people and equipment quickly over Nereid territory. I must warn you, though. Once you’ve reached the Frontier Zone, you’ll be deep behind enemy lines. Husks will be the least of your worries there.”

“So these are the guys, chief?” A tall coyote stepped forward, mostly obscured by an orange cloak that seemed to match the colour of the fall foliage around them. He’d glanced over at them for just a moment before turning towards Solomon, who replied with a short nod. “They don’t look too special, what makes you think they can retake the FZ? We’ve already lost two teams out there.”

The white-clad boar nodded slightly at the coyote. “We’re shorthanded enough as it is, and normally, I would have either called in a more experienced strike team, or pulled out of the Frontier Zone altogether, but there are resources there that would be better kept from the hands of those scavengers.” Briefly, he’d turn towards the group. “Until you re-establish communications from our base in the FZ, your Waystars won’t work for navigation, though they will still be able to open most Reclaimer caches you find in the field.”

Adric stayed quiet for most of the conversation, but soon addressed one concern. “Most?” he’d ask. “Why not all of them? Did something happen?”

“Sometimes, the Nereid raid the caches they find, and often, these go into lockdown mode, meaning they won’t accept any regular Waystar key. If you find any caches in lockdown, mark their location somehow if you can’t recover them. Once the comms network is back up, you’ll be able to access a database of the caches’ last known positions. The Nereid like to move them if they can’t open them directly.”

The boar would soon gesture towards the Rambler, signaling for the group to board it, either on inside or on top. “Get ready. You leave immediately.”

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