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Identity (Non-Feila, Closed, PM to Join)

For non-canon Feila and non-Feila role-playing, the Twilight Zone offers a venue to experience all time and all settings. If you'd like to role-play in a time period that has no canon counterpart, or if you'd like to role-play on a world that is not Feila, then this is the place. All races are allowed, including humans.
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Re: Identity (Non-Feila, Closed, PM to Join)

Post by Ksaa » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:27 am

Of course, when Rose awoke from her half-dead sleep, they still had a job to do. Although the video editing was complete, the lack of network meant she was unable to upload it. And still was. Which was bad. Even though she'd put a block on the video feeds to hopefully keep the police out of the original files before she could alter them, the most time they wasted the worse it would be. Her saving grace for the night was simply that government business didn’t precisely do entirely too much at the end of the day- likely they'd not even try to look into the feeds until the morning- which is was.

She made sure she had all the files ready, and climbed atop the buildings. Although she couldn’t very well use a satlink, since if her proxies were backtraced, they would point directly to their area. So, instead she set up a directional dish, aiming it at a large hotel resort building. There was better chances of a backtrace failing and the expectation that they'd be there and anywhere. It didn’t take her long to home in on the build's signal, though weak as it was over distance. Afterwards, a little while to set up her proxies, and she was into the systems she bypassed the prior day with backdoors.

She carefully uploaded her edited copies, keeping an eye on tracetraffic. It took the better part of the hour within the waxing light of dawn. Finally, when it was all done, she drew up her bounty contacts and informed them of her "kills", pointing them to the video footage.


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Re: Identity (Non-Feila, Closed, PM to Join)

Post by materwolf » Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:47 pm

Karen and Jessie didn't leave the plane at all the next day. The reason being both of them were drained-Karen more so than Jessie. Jessie was usually sleep deprived unless she had a trusted bed guest with her. Not to mention fear from the two trouble-stirring techies in the camper was minimum. Nothing in the hangar could penetrate the bomber's skin, and the hatch was closed securely. Only way inside without Jessie's knowledge would be far too troublesome and far too little-breaking the bullet proof glass and entering the waist gun ports.

Karen had passed out basically right after the crescendo of the Adult Activity she had shared with Jessie. It had been months since she was in a soft bed in a place she felt safe with someone she knew wouldn't try to kill her in her sleep, and her body was forcing her to take full advantage of the time. Even though her Sig Saur was on the floor along with her clothes, Jessie's plane had pistols hidden everywhere in easy reach if something happened. Only issue is both of the girls were in their birthday suits so that would be a factor. Karen's dream was remarkably peaceful. More or less replaying memories of the happier days before she went all Super Spy, her wife, child, and the life they had made. Jessie would later remark it was the first time she saw a genuine, soft and happy smile on the collie's face.

Sam was awake, but he was ever so grouchy. He didn't have any coffee-the coffee maker was in the camper with the techies, and no way he was going to stir THAT can of worms this early int he morning. Plus, he was depressed over the loss of his brand new Cadillac. It would be some time before he was over that it seemed. Either way, Sam was grumpily converting one of the offices into an MRE Kitchen of sorts, arranging the boxes of the stocked MRE's that Jessie had placed there-there WERE WWII K-Rations, but Sam felt like a 40 year old expiration date was not something he wanted to tempt, especially the way his luck had been running these days. Well...yesterday to be more precise. As the grouchy and bedraggled feline was there eating, he looked out the window of the office that showed into the hangar.

The sheet metal may have looked rusty from the outside, but Jessie had reinforced the inside with armor plates and weatherproofed everything. It was almost hermetically sealed for protection, therefore the only hint that it was daylight was the painfully bright contrasting line of light under the hangar door that was easily visible against the nearly pitch black bay. The orange roadrunner sat where it had been parked, poised and looking like it wanted to take off on another adventure. The Suburban and camper sat in their dusty parking space with the techies inside-he thought. "Jess, you really need to keep your toys clean..." He grumbled to himself as he opened the Sunkist Tuna package from his MRE and started munching on that.


Rose's signal was weak but it worked, the hotel she had aimed at was quite a ways off but Line of Sight was still Line of Sight. News reports were clamoring to show the best footage of the "Epic Police Shootout" and the explosion of the "Suspect vehicle". Other reports were showing the chaos that took place while Law Enforcement was otherwise occupied. Hundreds of car accidents, dozens of robberies, and even a murder had taken place. It would take a long time for Atlanta PD and Sheriff Departments to get sorted, and the police officers would most assuredly get overtime in the coming weeks. Rose's Contacts would surely have seen the footage, and even the police reports being 'leaked' to the press had stated they had 'found the bodies' in the wreckage. Anything to save face, huh?
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Re: Identity (Non-Feila, Closed, PM to Join)

Post by inuboitoy » Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:17 am

Max woke up in a bundle of wires
He looked at his screens and he was successful at making his network...that he was tangled up in.
"Rose!!!! Help please" he barely squeaked out
His cry for help sounded pathetic. Like a new born kitten mewing for a bottle.
"I got the network working. So we can finish our mission
Max was upset to say the least
He was stuck way out here with no place to bathe himself in a nice lavender bath
Egyptian cotten towels and bath bombs to soak his body in.
He felt ungroomed, Unwashed, dirty and to say the least disgusting. He smelled himself and to be honest he would sacerfice everything for a shower
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