Maze Map and Area Chart

Once one of the weakest nations of Feila, ruled and predominately populated by the Rodents. Recently, it has recovered from a famine and Civil War, leaving it governed by a duumvirate of King and Tribune. While still economically disadvantaged, its technology is surprisingly advanced, and it is primed to take a larger place on the world stage. Similar to Earth's medieval Spain.
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Maze Map and Area Chart

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Durango - The first of the twin capitals of Maze and traditional bastion of Mouse royalty, located near the southern coast of Maze. Durango remains the largest city in Maze, if only due to the social situation of the land. The city was ringed with enormous work camps where the rats of the Kingdom's remaining cities were corralled and work as little more than slaves. Many of the rats native to Durango moved after the war, either to the North of Maze, or leaving the country entirely. The infrastructure of countless forges remains, however, and was made available to private speculators after the peace. The fabric of society in the city has recently undergone a purge, given that most of the excess nobility was either killed or deposed in the war, leaving many positions quite fluid. The civic infrastructure is in need of repair, though funds for doing so are in short supply, and will remain so for some time.

Bree Palace - The old royal palace of Maze exploded with fire a year ago. The inferno raged out of control for weeks until every last bit of fuel was consumed. What was left was little more than a scorched ruin. There is as yet no claim of responsibility for the attack from any party.
A new palace was made out of the citadel traditionally belonging to the Duke of Durango. Since the war, the territory has directly reverted to the crown, which now resides in the New Palace.

Cancun - This was once the second largest city of Maze, but ceased being so when the entirety of it's Rat population was rounded up and shipped off to the work camps of Durango. While some rats have returned, many who came to the city took whatever boats were going to Gawain, or else moved north. The city remains the Kingdom of Maze's most important port.

Lerida - A large city situated on the eastern coast of the country. Lerida served as the Trinidian Church's primary port of access to the Mazan mainland and remains firmly under the church's control.

Barcelona - A medium-sized city which assumed the status of sovereign city-state after the famine finally reached it, despite the wishes of the Trinidian Church and a half-hearted attempt by the Kingdom of Maze to maintain control. It served little strategic purpose in the war overall, thus Celia Galavez made little attempt to take it. It has since been incorporated back into the New Kingdom. The popular El Cuate Guajolote tavern is located here.

Merida - What used to be a relatively quiet town grew somewhat over the two years preceding the famine when iron ore veins were discovered nearby. The mild climate allowed long-term food storage which blunted the famine here, and city life went on more or less the same as it had. When the Kingdom of Maze withdrew to concentrate it's forces against Celia Galavez, Merida declared itself a sovereign city-state under Lady Almontadilla.
During the Civil War, one of the Gawainian Batallions left over from the previous conflict took refuge here, protecting the city in exchange for the fruits of the land. Many soldiers have now settled here, either marrying locally or bringing their families over. The city maintains a semi-independent status, and docks many Gawainian ships now.

Alamos - This small town became the scene of the worst defeat suffered by the Kingdom of Maze in recent history. The Kingdom of Maze barricaded the town in an attempt to ward off the advances of Celia Galavez's armies, but the overwhelming military might of Galavez, combined with disruption deception and betrayal from within instigated by Iglesia infiltration turned the siege into a massacre. More than half of the population fled to the southern Kingdom of Maze. The town was subsequently the site of the second great battle of the War, when the new Alliance of David and Galvarez had to eject the Iglesia.

Lake Esperanza - Largest lake in Maze, located near the center of the continent with the River Azul feeding into it from the north.

Quinto - The largest fresh-water fishing industry is located in this city- what was once a quite small village. The famine has caused an enormous increase in fishing and economic activity. Quito is largely administered by Tribune Galavez's control.

Mazatlan Isles - The Trinidian Church calls these islands, located off the northeastern coast of Maze, it's home. The fortress-monastary is located here, and much of the population lives in relative safety. The islands are prosperous, fertile, and- to stem the flood of refugees from a war-torn and famine-ravaged mainland- utterly closed to emigration. All ports are heavily guarded, even after the conclusion of the war. Said isolation has not helped the political position of the Trinidian Church...

Salamanca - Based purely on free population, Salamanca is now the largest city in all of Maze, and the second of the twin capitals. Salamanca was the new capital of Warlord Celia Galavez's territory, and remained her center of administration after accepting the position of Tribune. The final purge of the Iglesia occurred here, and there are perhaps still loyalists of its prophet hidden underground. The city received a great flood of displaced rats after the war, which, while taxing on local resources, ultimately aided in building a city symbolic of the New Maze.

Duero - This fortress city is where the rebellion and civil war got it's true start. Celia seized the city at the start of the war, prompting other cities- seeing how poorly the Kingdom of Maze resisted and how quickly that resistance was crushed- to rebel as well. Even now, the fortress is largely held by troops loyal to the Tribune. This city has traditionally served as a shield against the relative lawlessness of the reptile kingdom across the land bridge, and it still serves that purpose to some degree.

Saragossa - The Trinidian Church made it's first stand against the advancing Iglesia del Santo Ratas here, but, as with Alamos, infiltration by Adherents of Iglesia made keeping the city virtually impossible. Later, after the alliance was brokered, the Church was able to regain ground here.

Fuentesauco - What was once a relatively unimportant trading stop on the Valladolid trade route is now a fortified city of critical important, for it defended the western trade roads leading throughout Catalonia and protects the cities further along the route from the advancing rebels. The city was defended principally by the Trinidian Church with only a tiny remaining Kingdom of Maze presence, and is one of the few places where the Church is still more powerful than the King or Tribune.

Alcala - Famine wiped out fully half of Alcala's population, prompting it to throw off Kingdom of Maze control and declare itself a sovereign city-state. Celia Galavez could not tolerate it's presence, and it was besieged by the Warlord for more than a year. Widespread starvation first from famine and now from blockade killed thousands each month, but clever alchemists developed treatments for putrid sewage and urine to provide passable drinking water, postponing the inevitable. These innovations later became crucial in the reconstruction efforts after the war, and contracts awarded to the alchemist guild have practically elevated it to the status of governing body. Alcala is now a chartered city, politically controlled by guilds, and is gaining a reputation for being at the forefront of alchemical research.

Siquenza - This small town was of some importance during the initial expansion of Warlord Galavez's territory, but it now serves it's original purpose as a trading and station along the Siquenza route.

Sequeros - This former trading town marks the division of territory in the New Kingdom. To the South lie the coastal lands, largely firm in their traditional loyalty to the King. To the North lie the lands once under control of the Rebellion, now largely administered by the Tribune. Nominally, each are of equal status in the whole Kingdom, but both recognize each other's claims, and do not bother about it much while there is still rebuilding to be done.

Map of the Kingdom of Maze
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