The New Kingdom of Maze: Political Structure

Once one of the weakest nations of Feila, ruled and predominately populated by the Rodents. Recently, it has recovered from a famine and Civil War, leaving it governed by a duumvirate of King and Tribune. While still economically disadvantaged, its technology is surprisingly advanced, and it is primed to take a larger place on the world stage. Similar to Earth's medieval Spain.
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The New Kingdom of Maze: Political Structure

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The Alliance which ended the Mazan Civil War has since transitioned into a government, still largely consisting of two entities that legally form a whole, the King and the Tribune. The system is sketched out under a Constitution, although it was never really subjected to any kind of input from the commoners, even the literate ones. Most of the population accepts it, though, as they only want to see an end to the war at last. Now that the drought has ended, the peasants are back to ploughing their ancient trade, and as for the rest, they are content if nobody tries to kill or oppress them overmuch.

Remants of the Past: The King

The Founder of the Kindom was Durango Bree, who led the war to establish a land free of the dominion of the reptiles of Kahun. He is largely celebrated as a hero throughout all Maze, even today.

As time went on, however, the Kingdom grew poor and moribund, with a nobility addicted to luxury sapping the strength and resources of the population, and choking off any attempts of reform, either from above by Royal Edict, or below by popular protest. This state of affairs culminated in outright rebellion, in which the nobility tried to field the King against the new forces to the North. As a point of fact, their so-called 'King,' David Castillo, was hardly of the Bree line, and was planned to be mainly a figurehead.

Unfortunately for the nobles, King David proved to be less of a nonentity than they expected. Through some deft work of foreign policy, he brokered a separate peace with Gawain and the Warlord, splitting the Rebel forces and turning against his once-puppeteers. Now, the new Castillian Dynasty has been established at Durango, with the King as one of the two Heads of State.

The King retains the vassalage of the remaining nobles and knights, as well as the command of the Royal Guards, which together make up the sum of his military might. On the civil side, much of the administration is delegated to appointed Ministers, who must pass a competency test, much like in Yamaha. Local government is either by the surviving lord, the guilds of a chartered city, or new Parliaments established after the war.

Symbol of the Future: The Tribune

One of the main problems that any peace settlement would face was this: many had taken arms against the Kingdom of Maze, and neither side would find it easy to reconcile themselves to a future where it reigned supreme, even with a reformer at its head. Among these included the leader of the Rebellion, Celia Galavez. However, thanks to some deft diplomacy and dealmaking by a Gawainian diplomat, the King and the Warlord came to an understanding, which resulted in the creation of a new Office: The Tribune.

The Tribune would be directly elected by the populace, and the appointment would last for life, or until the Tribune resigned. The person of Tribune was considered inviolable, and the powers accorded to that office are considered equal to that of the King. Each has veto power over the other, though generally they restrict themselves to matters in their own "territory." Galavez was an easy shoe-in for the first holder of the title, and worked alongside David to ensure that the New Maze would have a strong future.

The Tribune has it's own army, the remnants of the rebel forces incorporated into the new alliance. It is organized like a modern army, with the Tribune as its commander-in-chief. On the civil side, administration is divided into Deparments, chosen by examination. Locally, government is handled either by appointed officials or local parliaments.
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