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Re: Points of View, Chapter 1: Crossroads

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:22 am
by Rosaris
Well, this was a nice little change of pace for the Hybrid, giving a nod of acknowledgement to the two women at the table before glancing back toward the bar one last time, before turning her full attention to the two acquaintances she had made for whatever reason. “It’s a true pleasure to meet you both” she said with a happy smile, her tail idly lowering as she settled in and wondered what to talk about… she didn’t pay much mind to the bag, as it wasn’t her business to know or even notice what was going on with it.

“Cuse me!” she said, raising a hand to the passing barmaid again, of course, not getting much of an answer from her enquiry to the rodent servant… maybe they had some sort of grudge against her? Who wouldn’t… naturally if someone had trouble following them around, it would lead to something of a grudge and a painful way of life in whatever you tried to do in the meantime… the Obsidian Order armor of course did not help her case either… maybe she was more knowledged with the order of knights here n there? Ahh assumptions, assumptions…

“I could go for a small snack…” she mumbled softly under her breath, before looking between the two women in her company. “Would you two like anything to eat or drink? I’m hungry and more than willing to pay for anything… it’s all on me, and I’m sure it’s the least I can do in order to repay the hassle you had to go through in order to save my fuzzy butt from those thugs…”

Re: Points of View, Chapter 1: Crossroads

Posted: Fri Sep 02, 2016 6:52 pm
by Asyriel
Jessica looked a little perturbed as both of her companions were unsuccessful in capturing the attention of one of the servers in the tavern. Jessica, being a regular patron, had no such problem. "Lynn, if you could please." She called as one of the servers came closer to their table. The mouse Jessica had called Lynn came over to the table.
"What can I get for ya Jess?" The mouse asked.
"I'd like another bottle of this brandy, and a light meal for the table if you would please." Jessica replied in chipper tones.
The mouse nodded in reply and looked at the other two sitting at the table, waiting to see if they had anything to add. Once She had everyone's order, she waited for payment. Jessica looked at Rene, giving the hybrid the chance to pay if she still wanted to.

Once payment was provided, the server headed off to fill the order, and Jessica returned her attention to Trisha. "So, we were discussing possible ways to stop a war." She prompted, trying to get back to the topic they had been on before all the commotion.

Re: Points of View, Chapter 1: Crossroads

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:23 am
by AceofBlades
With a heavy sigh and a downward gaze Trisha pondered. Not until after the mouse had left would Trisha look back up at all. She spoke with a dull tone, finger prodding the many grooves in the table acquired over it's service at the Devil's Drink.

"Alright... the thing is they can't even look at each other these days without going into a mad frenzy. I've never seen anything like it!" the rat shook her head. "It's downright terrifying how much damage each side is willing to do just to ensure the others' demise. If I didn't know better i'd have blamed the whole ordeal on some sort of curse! At least than we could try and just break the curse with the right spell on our side."

The food would arrive at the table, along with two more bottles. Some whisky, and a bottle of strong apple honey mead. Trisha would arch her brow and look about the room as the mouse would lean in to whisper to the table. "You have some admirers... not everyone in the Drink just wants to start trouble." The mouse gestured with her eyes to a group of grizzled old veterans sharing drinks.

"Heh..." Trisha waved to the old men who barely spared a glance but smiled. "Well as I was saying, it's near impossible to get them to meet. So how are we possibly going to start a peaceful resolution when both parties are more than willing to destroy anything even related to one another?"


Meanwhile outside the tavern...

A man in dark robes approaches the Devil's Drink, his eyes black as the void, and he spoke to the man that now guarded the entrance to an angry drunkard of a familiar look and unpleasant smell. Hunched over, the robed figure looked worn and torn as a layer of ragged cloth draped over the black burlap that shrouded him. He walked with a limp and held a staff in his right hand, with which he walked, made of black gnarled oak holding a single pendant in the center of it's head. The limb of oak seemed to have grown around the pendant; a silver uneven hexagon with a rough black border, a rough depiction of a black tree in the center growing out of a tiny piece of mother of pearl at the heard. The only features visible of the man himself were his feet, a predator's talons. His hands, black and scaled with frightening claws themselves. And a pointed black beak with a scar across the left of it. Somehow despite the pitch black of his cloak his eyes stood out among the darkness; they had no shine or glow in fact the opposite of such. They seemed to absorb the light from you sight if you stared too long.

He approached the drunkard and whispers. "May I pass." The man was actively blocking the entrance to anger the guard in front of him. He spat on the crow and shoved him to the ground. His staff clattered to the ground.

"Get lost old man!" he yelled.

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Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:47 pm
by Rosaris
Rene nodded before reaching under her breastplate, fishing around for a moment before pulling out three gold coins, as well as two silver coins. “I’ll just have a simple mug of cherry wine if you have it, if not, then I’ll take some rum” she said with a small chuckle, before looking between the two girls that were at the table. Listening to the conversation for a moment as she kept quiet just incase there was more trouble to come from the bar or something… she really didn’t want to throw herself into another spat right away, but hey… suppose drunkards are gonna be drunk, right?

She listened to the words of the two for the moment as she idly swayed her ringed tail about behind herself, pondering a bit on the topic of conversation as she heard the mention of war… was Kahun about to make another move? Was there going to be another civil war? She didn’t know, but figured she’d probably be asked to help stop it given her profession for the moment. ”Interesting…” she thought to herself, closing her eyes halfway as she listened intently, before adding herself into the conversation, kind of hushed voiced about it. “I can try and help if you’re looking for people to act as diplomats… I can probably be a guard for you two in order to calm things down and make sure you don’t get hurt when trying to end this… war…” she said softly, before glancing over her shoulder as she heard something, before simply paying no mind to it and turning her attention back to the two women at the table. “I’m willing to do what must be done in order to stop the chaos in this town…”

She looked over the food after it came, smiling softly and grabbing a roll before cutting it in half and adding some of the meat and veggies into the center of it, before beginning to munch away at that, listening for input on that idea of hers.

Re: Points of View, Chapter 1: Crossroads

Posted: Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:52 pm
by Asyriel
Jessica spared a look at the old timers who bought drinks, and gave a thankful wave before looked at Rene and giggled. "Sweetie, I am a guard, and typically highly sought after at that. At least around here I am, home turf and all that." She grinned. "Not that I don't appreciate the offer, nor would I turn it down. Of course it would be Trisha's choice. It is kind of her quest after all."

She turned her attention to Trisha. "I still think getting a neutral third party negotiator involved would probably be the best bet, and the merchants' guild has some of the best negotiators you'll find outside a royal court." She told the rat confidently as she picked up some of the veggies and crunched away at them.