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Seeking Fortune

Feilans have finally entered the realm of space in their solar system, a vast area, full of exotic planets and phenomena. The colonies created by the old Edwinish Party have developed into a new faction, the Dmitrians, whom are descended from Feilans, but whom have developed a separate cultural identity from their colonial forefathers. At the edge of the system lurks the formidable faction known as the Immortals, a group of furs whom have used technology to live forever, in a constant state of hostility with Feila and Dmitri, both of whom are on tense enough relations as it is. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Re: Seeking Fortune

Post by Asyriel » Tue Oct 09, 2018 6:58 pm

Sakura watched with some concern as Ludolf put a hand to his head. She waited somewhat patiently as he began to explain what had suddenly come over him. Luckily for Ludolf, his current company was among the last that would ascribe the work crazy to what he described. Sakura listened carefully and with genuine interest. "Seems like a useful ability, so long as it doesn't blow you in the wrong direction." She replied with a small smile, hoping her attempt at humor wouldn't be taken as mockery. She nodded in full belief of what he told her that he had known that Robinson would overpower Allswell.

She frowned slightly when he mentioned that meeting her and Freya had changed what Ludolf felt. "I hope that's a good thing." She replied quietly, some concern returning to her voice. Sakura looked down at the picture again as Ludolf flipped the page back, again slightly awed at proof of a dragon's lifespan. "Maybe your perception of the flow of time has a hard time reconciling something that spans so much time?" She ventured a guess at what may have been the reason for the picture triggering such a reaction.

Ludolf then dropped another bomb in his declaration that something huge was building. "You mean bigger than Robinson taking over a huge swath of the system by force?" She asked, still sounding rather concerned. "And I don't suppose we stand much chance of being able to just ride it out on the sidelines." She continued, now sounding a little resigned.

Freya listened as Allswell described the changes in Robinson, still thinking that there had been something she had run across before that sounded similar, something from when she was much younger that may have been ancient history even then. "I really would like the chance to dig around in his head and figure out just what those voices are, or at least what they're telling him." She commented with some frustration. She couldn't help but feeling that those voices had some sort of importance beyond the changes they brought about in Robinson.

She had watched as Allswell brought them through the ship, regaling them with brief tales as they went, and Sakura hanging on his every word as if she were half the age she was. Looking back on it, it was easy to see a family resemblance to Osborne that went much deeper than physical appearance. She caught herself wondering how far he would have gone if he'd chosen a different path.

She gave a slight shrug as Allswell gently refused her offer. "It's your family's history after all." She replied though she shook her head at his implication of his eventual death, probably in the very chair he now occupied. "You know you could probably come with us rather than sitting here and waiting for the inevitable. I doubt Sakura would turn you away."

She frowned when Allswell mentioned the outrageous promises Robinson was making to his cohorts. "He's really promising all that, and they're believing it?" She asked, appalled at the idea that such grandiose promises were being taken at face value. "Wouldn't you like to see the look on that old wolf's face when we topple his grand house of cards?" She asked Allswell with a wry grin.


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