Rule for the Age of Space - Users Must Read

Feilans have finally entered the realm of space in their solar system, a vast area, full of exotic planets and phenomena. The colonies created by the old Edwinish Party have developed into a new faction, the Dmitrians, whom are descended from Feilans, but whom have developed a separate cultural identity from their colonial forefathers. At the edge of the system lurks the formidable faction known as the Immortals, a group of furs whom have used technology to live forever, in a constant state of hostility with Feila and Dmitri, both of whom are on tense enough relations as it is. All natives are furry (Skin Avian are present here too). No native humans.
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Rule for the Age of Space - Users Must Read

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The following rules must be adhered to by all users wishing to RP in this Age. This is in order to preserve the canon of the setting, and to encourage role-playing threads that make sense within the Age. If you do expressly do not wish to RP in this setting, we have the Twilight Zone.

- No inventing planets, moons or other celestial bodies within the Feilan Solar System. We have a number of unique planets canon to the system that can serve as any setting you need, be it the glowing heat of Hufel, the domed colonies of Rhaeadr or the frozen rock of Taenarius, there is already a canon setting for it.

- Space Stations may be invented freely, providing they do not eclipse the presence of canon space stations. If we say there is a main Feilan space station that services all major traffic over the planet, use that, as opposed to creating a station that serves the same function. We encourage user-created stations in areas wherever suitable, such as in the Felicis Asteroid Belt, or any other minor station around any planet. Similarly, Observatories or other space-bound facilities may be freely created, provided they do not eclipse the function of the Von Drake Observatory, which is a radio-telescope research facility also used to move dissident scientists out of mainstream society.

- User-created spaceships, if they are going to be derivative of another fictional setting, must be derivative of a good fictional setting, and must have some original elements. We understand not everyone is capable or willing to come up with their own designs, drawings or models of their craft, but still want an image of their spaceship. The rule is, no space opera ships maybe used in any way. Science-fiction spacecraft may be used for image purposes only. Otherwise, you write your own original craft, and use the image to coummunicate its basic shape. Space operas include things like:
Star Wars
Star Trek
Lost in Space

- User created technology must be kept within the bounds of the setting. Whilst there are not many specific limitations of weaponry beyond the normal god-mode rules, no technology must be derivative of space operas either. No lightsabres, phasers or Mass Relays. We specifically disallow any technology in spacecraft that enables the craft to warp, jump, go to lightspeed, warp speed, wormhole, Z-space, subspace, teleportation, Improbability Drive, Bistromath Drive or any other derivation of the concept of travelling between two distant points instantaneously. Spacecraft are also not allowed any technology that provides a never-ending supply of food, water, air or fuel ad infinitum, to hand-wave certain impracticalities of manned space flight. Similarly, characters themselves are permitted no personal teleportation or 'beaming up' technology. Users may not hand-wave gravity technology either to make canon technologies incompatible or redundant. In short, no technology that is at a more sophisticated level than the setting's technology. If you are unfamiliar with the setting's technology, read the articles on technology and weaponry, as well as the Spaceships in Detail information.

- Similarly, antiques should exist for a reason. One problem with the Age of Cyborgs was people making their characters with very antiquated revolvers, old cars from the 1970s and musical preferences that are strikingly modern. If you have a character with an antique, that is something that exists today, it must be explained why that character has a piece of 350 year old history lying around. If it is a 350 year old car, gun or similar, it must also be explained why said item is still working, and what possible practical purpose it has in the setting. To put this in perspective, a character having an old revolver and using it in gunfights in this age would be the equivalent of someone today owning a wheel-lock pistol from the 1660s and trying to intimidate the criminal underworld with it. An example of an acceptable anachronism would be the swords of this Age, as we have reasoned within plausibility that the tight quarters, corridors and small rooms of a spacecraft can make them a viable weapon as a last resort, as well as being intrinsically linked with Feilan society and dignity.

If in doubt, ask yourself whether or not your idea could be justified, and/or make sense.

- User characters are permitted any mode of dress provided it is similar too or in keeping with the setting. Modern dress is unlikely to be prevalent. If you are playing a Feilan, think Victorian style dress, or the Old West if you are more familiar with American history than British. Jeans, singlets and flip-flops are probably non-existent. Also remember to look at Feilan Society to know how your average Feilan would react if they saw your character underdressed. Specifically the section on police prejudice and public mistrust.

If in doubt, check our sketches of uniforms and civilian dress. Whilst these may not be totally in your taste, your character needs clothes that can fit in with the society they belong to, much like the Ages of Steam, Muskets and Cavaliers.

- Users must understand how space works, even just the basics. Magnets do not repel asteroids, aerodynamics are hardly relevant outside atmosphere and there is absolute silence in space outside a spacecraft. We are not asking for physicists, but we are asking users check with reality if anybody is thinking of putting any bright ideas they got from Star Trek into an RP post.

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