Dancing with Loup [Closed, with Natsuki, Darwin, Morpha]

The third most powerful nation of Feila, ruled by the Canine. The current system of government is Feudalist/Absolute Monarchy, with the monarch as the control of power and the aristocracy. It's military is fourth largest in number, and weaker than Gawain's or Edwin's. It consists of the Domus Army and Navy. It is geographically one of the smaller nations of Feila. Similar to Earth's medieval France.
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Re: Dancing with Loup [Closed, with Natsuki, Darwin, Morpha]

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Miko looked at Darwin, amused. He would have liked anything else than a ring himself, as he feels like his fingers were hindered. He took a deep breath and got out of the shrine too. "The palace was well hidden, so there should plenty of loot for us. And it has been constructed before any known chruch or shrine, so there shouldn't be anything religious there", he said while smiling at Natsuki. He felt sorry for her, as it was not part of their deal to make field trips. The sun was just starting to decline in the sky. "If we leave now, we should reach the palace at dusk. What do you think about building a camp at the entrance of the palace, so we could rest and explore it with all our strength?"
Miko did not bring blankets with him, but the weather should be clement. Finding a shelter should be enough for them to spend the night.

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Re: Dancing with Loup [Closed, with Natsuki, Darwin, Morpha]

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Natsuki smiled at Darwin. "It's gone." She replied. "well, mostly anyway. My poor shirt though." She lamented as she looked down at herself, and the new hole in her shirt and the fresh blood stain that surrounded it.

She looked back at Miko. "Well, we may as well get going. I like the idea of camping just outside the entrance" She said as she looked at the ravine, thinking to herself. Eventually she came to a decision. She backed from the edge of the ravine a bit, then sprinted for the edge. She took a leap into the air, and a small jet of spellfire shot from each of her feet to boost her jump. She landed a little heavily on the other side, and waited for the other two to cross.

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Re: Dancing with Loup [Closed, with Natsuki, Darwin, Morpha]

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"I'm sure that the shirt knew what it was getting into." Darwin said. He looked out over the mountain range. Pretty sights. He walked out of the cave, and walked to the gap they had crossed. Without a moment passing, nor any warning, he appeared on the other side. "Guess Morpha never made it."

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