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The old Indian (open)(Edwin possibly going into Domus)

This is where all of the Age of Cyborgs role-plays are archived.
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Post by materwolf » Mon Feb 01, 2010 7:11 am

*Flashback to the cruiser*
"Well, the be honest, Shiro wasn't too happy about the way I was driving at the time, but I can't say as I blame her, being in labor."

*Back to the present*
Tim re-read the Omni bit's funtions just to be sure he knew them all, besides it wasn't as if the interior of the room was terrible decorative or entertaining at the moment anyways. Just then he had an idea. Something that would entertain him as well as provide information for if/when he was going to help in an escape. He grinned as he controlled the motorcycle from his seat and had it dive down the hallways, exploring the building and finding a stairwell. Tim knew he was most definitly not on the ground floor, but had forgotten the floor he was on. He had the bike go up the stairs until it came to the level where there was comotion (Caused by the charge into the interogation room). 'That's it. Now we're talking.' Tim thought as the bike eased through the doors from the stairwell and stopped in the hallway, providing a nice veiw from the motorcycle's position.
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Post by Kitsunegami » Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:46 pm

Tesla submitted her report to all 5 department heads in one fell swoop from the observation room. She submitted all information in regards to her entry into this particular building as well, to include those tracking her visually, as well as the usefulness of these creatures as test subjects, though the older ones would need to be neutralized.

She knew that they would not call off her arrest before they read the report, And would not resist or flee, as that would only imply her guilt, and throw her into question. She had learned enough to override her party control routines and sub-routines so that they could not simply shut her off, or destroy her outright. She was a living being, and therefore still had some survival instinct, no mater how much or little of her was organic, or nanomachine.

She knew that the Inspector would be upon her soon, she could sense his implants getting closer, so she sent a message to him directly. Inspector. You will need neither restraints, nor weapons. I will follow you out willingly. I know that you are about to enter the room where I am, and you will receive no resistance. My research number, and designation are TNXr-332. I am essentially a biological computer, designed to search out, infiltrate, and report the locations of malcompliants."


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