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"A Regrettable departure from the Routine"

This is where all of the Age of Cyborgs role-plays are archived.
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Post by Kitsunegami » Fri May 07, 2010 4:00 pm

It was morning and 'Tess' maintained the illusion of rushing off to her job as though her life depended on it. She went into the tower and began typing up reports on incidents that occurred, almost as though the time display at her desk was taunting her...

Tess made it home earlier than she had wanted to after 'suffering' an anxiety attack brought about by stress. She was the 2nd that day to suffer some form of work related episode on that very floor. She was told by her supervisor to take the rest of the day, and the next day off as mental health days so that she could unwind, but that didn't help the situation. She received a notice from the office that put her head squarely on the chopping block. Her episode had been all the evidence that her new boss needed to make an excuse to terminate her employment.

At least, that's what the records would say...

Tes drifted around for hours that evening, stopping by the old tavern before curfew. "Hey old man. I'm gonna stay here tonight. I won't make it home before curfew. I need something that will knock me out."

"What's the matter kid, have a rough day at work?" the old lop asked.

"Yea... Had some kind of episode at work in front of the boss, blacked out, felt like I was dieing... The harpy fired me. Some rubbish about being unable to handle the job..." she said, sounding thoroughly defeated.

The old lop looked absolutely dumbstruck. Tess was the hardest worker her knew, and most loyal to her job at that. 10 years working for the party in that same office just trying to do her best... "Tess, I don't know what to say... Sounds to me like this woman is some power-mad rebel. You're the best at whatever you do, and if she can't see that, then she just hurt The Party something bad! I'll look around and see if there's a good job available around here. Who knows! Maybe you'll end up drawing me a good crowd of customers if I can't find you some work anywhere else!" he said with a bit of a laugh towards the end.

She smiled dully, "Thanks old man..." She drank his powerful 'sleeping tonic', then stumbled into his guest room before collapsing on the bed.


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Re: "A Regrettable departure from the Routine"

Post by Rackenhammer » Mon May 17, 2010 10:22 am

(Sorry this took me so long. I know you hate it when RP's are held up like this, James, but I had a hard time figuring out just how the Movement could exist in Edwin's Party state, much less recruit. Hope you don't mind me suborning the bartender...)

While James was at this moment out of the range of Rourke's search, the box which had lately held its mysterious contents was out in the open. While the normal locator device had long been disabled, the alloy that comprised the box was itself unique, and would easily show up on DEPINTERN sensors. In fact, from one lieutenant came, with barely restrained excitement, "Sir, I believe we've found something!" The young feline did not approach closer; the case could be booby-trapped, and it would be best to wait for the Hazard Neutralizer Specialists. Of course, the trap had already been unkowingly sprung...

Tyler Watson, a white-haired goat who despite impeccable grooming always looked slightly smudged in his coat, had entered the bar shortly before Tesla, and had seen the whole exchange. He gave a small laugh, in a pitch that never failed to annoy the lop, as he tapped in the ration card for a pint of lager. "Heh, that's a nice one there! Shouldn't be surprised if you and her boss hadn't worked this out between you to get her free for your, heh, service."
"Don't say such things." The old barkeep grumbled out as he poured the goat's drink. "She's a good worker, deserves better than I can give."
"Hey, if you don't want her, there's some vacancies in my department. An investigation outed a few treacherous sympathizers, if you can believe it. Good riddance to 'em, I say." Tyler raised his mug in a mock toast as the lop shook his head.
"What's Edwin coming to... look, I'll see her in the morning about this. She might need some on-the-job training, mind."
"Only to be expected, old man. Well, good night, curfew's coming." With that, he left.
Only the Party could say if anyone was watching, and whether that person was paranoid enough to realize just how different the meaning of that conversation would be if the speakers were Movement members. Also, given that DEPSAFE was still exfoliating the layers of egg of its collective face, their suspicions might not be given much credence, especially considering that all was going according to plan.

Deep in the bowels of the DEPINTERN analysis section, Physioc was preparing his report. He had gone without sleep poring over the raw data to cross-check his suspicions, and he was still only partway through it. The colonel had come across real findings, however, and contacted his superior on secure-channel transmission. "Overseer Rourke, I've gone over the data handed over from DEPSAFE concerning the train crash. According to them, the train crhash had taken out all of the DEPTRANS camera posts, but from thefootage gathered from our portable units, I was able to see that the wreckage had left several untouched. Nevertheless, all records show that all cameras near suffered debilitating damage of some kind, which is corroborated by repair manifests. I thin we can tenably put forward the explanation of deliberate sabotage, most likely from Movement sympathizers. In addition, I've cross-examined the witnesses in DEPTRANS regarding the presence of DEPSAFE officers, and checked it against the records of that department. None of the agents were reportedly there until 5 minutes after the wreck at the outside, I have found at least three officers who lack sufficient support for their reported locations. I'm calling up their dossiers now, to look over. Up until this point, however, they have shown exemplary service in Party. I have sent a warrant for questioning out for them; I will hold them until you may be present for the proceedings, if you wish."

James McNamara had woken up, and his first thoughts were on his hunger and thirst. He barely gave a thought to his injuries, as they had ceased to pain him. It was still rather too dark in the tunnel for him to see them properly, and he wasn't quite fully awake yet, but he still thought that the scabs felt odd as he stumbled down the tunnel.
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Re: "A Regrettable departure from the Routine"

Post by JamesG » Wed May 19, 2010 2:29 am

((Basically by being the most paranoid entity in existence. I do not say organisation, because they really can't be an organisation. The Movement is not a united force, there could be hundreds of little 'Movements', nobody would know more than one other member at very best, and that would be down to recruiting. No Movement member would know any other by sight, or only one or two. I would imagine for big covert actions like a co-ordinated attack, each member, whom has never met any other, is given instructions by the planner, which are so compartmentalised that the whole operation is carried out without any member even seeing another one, speaking to anyone, or even know what they are doing, as it could be as simple as cutting a certain wire in some transformer three miles away from any other operative in the action. Even if a member does know another, it would not be by any real name. If a member is caught, they have no details to confess other than their own actions, a pseudonym, and at worst, the location they received instructions, such as the countryside, or abandoned buildings. Honestly, the exercise of attempting to eradicate the Movement is as futile as any attempt to eradicate the Party. The only way two opposing entities can exist in such equilibirum is that both are impossible by definition to destroy. :P))

Roukr'es ears perked, and his face would have lit up if his mask had not been on. The call over the communications reported that the item had been located, and the eye implant camera of the lieutenant came up on his HUD, displaying where the case had been found. "It has been compromised. Call in the HNS" The fox instructed, but his words were only a formality, the HNS team mobilising as soon as the call came through. They were stationed aboard the large dropship that was hovering over the area, and the big machine slowly turned to position itself over the case. Furs in hazmat suits with 'HNS' emblazoned on the arms of their white coats rappelled down from the dropship. Within moments, the area was crawling with Party troops in their gas masks and goggles, an eerie sight for the residents of the slums, whom were immediately evacuated from the area. The operation did not need civilians complicating the proceedings. The HNS team quickly used a Confiscator, a large device with two prongs that lifted up the case and placed it in a sealed plastic bag. As quickly as they had come, they were up into the bowels of the dropship, where the 7th Airborne rested, slightly disappointed that they had not been involved in the job. Rourke tapped his fingers on the wheel, and opened communications with all ground and air units. "We still need the target. Resume search, leave no ground uncovered. Base, keep us updated on the Observation Post data. Our man is running. Chances are he'll turn up on camera sooner or later. We're smoking him out." And so the search continued, though of course no camera nor soldier would find James just yet, as the Overseer had predicted.

As the Overseer drove on, he got a message from Physioc on his HUD. He put the Colonel on, and listened silently, taking in the information. He replied in a businesslike tone, "Good work Physioc. Tell me when they are brought in, I shall of course be present to observe the interrogation. I have a feeling this train investigation is going to reveal some undesirable elements in DEPSAFE, not to mention how close we might get to Movement conspirators. And Colonel?" Here Rourke paused for a moment, making sure he remembered the Colonel's words exactly. "In future, it is Overseer Skalik. Let's retain some sense of professionalism, though I am sure our last Overseer was not overly scrupulous in that regard." With the news now added to the fox's mental 'big picture' of all the sequences of events, the Overseer returned to concentrating on the search. Above him, the dropship speedily flew back to base, to drop off its valuable cargo into a more secure and quarantined environment. The project, being shrouded in mystery at the moment, was being treated as some kind of dangerous Movement sabotaging weapon, and so was receiving the full nuclear-hazard honours of quarantine and containment.
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