The Lost Technocrat (Domus, Open)

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Re: The Lost Technocrat (Domus, Open)

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Luke watched Rosa take the stones and meditated, bringing two of the stones to glow in their hues. His tail flicked excitedly as he watched, and was eager to see if he could do the same. He took the stones in his paws, and just wondered how he could just focus on it. His mind was aflutter at the moment and he was just overwhelmed with so many things. He closed his eyes but he always pictured so many things, many vivid colours and all the recent events just repeated themselves as his heart just began to race instead. He figured he wasn't going to get the calm he wanted now, and offered the stones back. "Do you mind if you could keep them for awhile? We're kind of in a hurry, and I'm just...too excited right now." he grinned.
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Re: The Lost Technocrat (Domus, Open)

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Kolin watched the exchange between Rosa and Luke with anticipation, and then disappointment. He had been hoping the kid really did have potential, since it was Kolin's own idea that he be shown and tested. But, other duties called. "Right, if you're finished, there are one or two relevant facts about our lunch stop that I'd like to tell you, Rosa, while we make our way there..."

As the group went downstairs to where the bikes were (Kolin didn't feel it was safe yet to fly there), he related to her all the information that Luke had gathered. "Makes for a dangerous trip, I don't mind saying, but if I was able to get away from those two goons alone and strung out on drugs, I think the three of us should be a match for them."


Even in this day and age, there still remained the cliche about the bar filled exclusively by criminal types. In Domus, however, there was some justification for that. The general culture was much more oriented to open-air cafes, which is where the normal public went to drink and eat. Generally, one only avoided the light and open cafes if one had something to hide. Thus, the darkened and private bars became refuges for, if nor criminals, than at least the criminal class.
On of the benefits of the Rue de Champlain being a private place is that people didn't ask questions about newcomers. Of course, the obvious downside of this is that newcomers could not ask questions without arousing suspicion. Their appearance would be unique enough without attracting any more unwanted attention.
Kolin was still wearing his borrowed clothes, and when he didn't show his teeth, you wouldn't know his class, but a winged cat/fox attracts the gaze regardless of social status. Rosa may or may not have been known to some of the denizens, and while Luke was unremarkable in himself, the company he kept would have raised eyebrows.
Kolin selected a table near the door, next to one occupied by one customer. "You'll have to translate for me; my Domish is terrible, and somehow I doubt those here speak Edwinish all that well." He paused. "Come to that, they may speak Gawainian better. There's a lot of transit between the two countries these days, legal or no." He peered at the menu, frowning. "That said, you'll still have to read the menu to me while we wait for Vassikin and Tassos."
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Re: The Lost Technocrat (Domus, Open)

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Sasha sat back, confident that nobody in Domus was going to recognize her as the black market gun dealer 'The Gunsmith', she was normally very through about separating her identity from her black market reputation. She watched with a little curiosity as a trio entered, one being an avian hybrid; she caught herself wondering if he could fly. As the group of newcomers sat, she placed her order. She spoke in fluent Domish, her slight Gawainian accent was the only thing to give away that it wasn't her first language. Once she had finished ordering she sat back again, enjoying the atmosphere. She continued to keep an eye on the door and the feeds from her surveillance drones , but also spared some attention for the curious group that was now seated in the table next to her.