Phasmatis Ex Machina (Domus, invitation only)

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Phasmatis Ex Machina (Domus, invitation only)

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It was a day like any other, everyone going about their daily activities, others doing what they do at night. Then something strange happened. No, more like something catastrophic, or incredible, depending on perspective...

It's the spring of 2130, and a global event occurred late in the afternoon. Around Feila, power grids went out for a few seconds, then all monitors and screens seemed to receive a signal that couldn't be clarified, and a simple message played just over the static of speakers and other listening output, "".

Official reports from Edwin say that this is a malicious hacker that will be pay for such an attack on Edwin. Around Feila the message, and signal, seemed to come from everywhere at the same time. This strange phenomenon has the world governments in an uproar, and many furs scratching their heads in confusion as to what truly happened. Peculiar reports of machinery activating on its own are popping up all over the world, what could be the cause of this strange event?


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Re: Phasmatis Ex Machina (Domus, invitation only)

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Jan and Solara had been in their lab, Sol trying a transmission system in Jan's head case, when the 'hack' happened. Jan suddenly froze her talk mid-sentence and said the words in a strange voice, and Sol immediately cursed. she began fiddling, hooking her computer into Jan and checking for a hacker. It ended before she could find it, and Jan immediately awoke. Confused, she asked So what happened, and demanded that the transmitter be removed. Sol tried, but something had locked it in place. Sol sighed, somehow being beaten in this, but swore she would try to fix it. As it was Jan turned it off so she didn't have an immediate open channel for a hacker. They decided after that to go to bed, and went through their underground lab to go to sleep.

The reports were lining up with their immediate thought, but it still deeply troubled Jan. She had felt a deep sorrow from the 'hacker,' one that was not normally found among a hacking. She had a feeling something deeper was going on here...
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