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The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCanon)

This is where all of the Age of Space role-plays are archived.
The Crow
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Re: The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCa

Post by The Crow » Sun Sep 30, 2012 5:17 am

Name: Jack Ike
Age: 18
Nationality: Felian
Species: Crow

Basic Bio: By the time he was 16, his entire family had been murdered by a pyschopath who had a crush on him when he was 8. Within two years, he had become a successful mercenary, and had an engineer as a friend by the name of 'Smithy.' They heard about the Vosian race, and began putting together a veichle.

Mode of transport: Jack's plan was simple. Go fast, or be the only one able to move. The semi-hoverbike he had looked like a piece of junk, and having difficulty picking up speed, taking two minutes to go from nought to sixty, but it could go at speeds of up to 200. The bike had one wheel, with a diameter of one and a half meters, which composed of two wheels next to each other, each able to rotate in the opposite direction to eachother. They were covered with sharp protrusions, making it possible for him to slam into a veichle, have the wheels go seperate directions, and rip the veichle to shreds. The rest of the bike was mostly one big part, a single, small hoverdrive at the back, lifting the seat off the ground enough to prevent it from scraping.

On either side of the wheels, are multiple holes filled with grappling hooks, missiles, and other assorted weaponry. The main body had an electromagnet under the seat, allowing for an EMP pulse of up to 100 meters. There were also six canisters of aerosol Trinitrotoluene, which, when punctured and fed to the engine at the back when it is ignighted, gives the veichle a speed burst, pushing it up to 400 Km/h. However, this only lasts for a minute, and makes steering dangerous, if not impossible. This also makes the bike highly explosive, especially near heat, despite the canisters being stored within Liquid Nitrogen. The motor is fitted under the seat, an X-12 engine that runs off anything that combusts.

Image: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... pper_2.jpg (Similar to this, but not exactly the same)

IC: Jack had been at the starting line, ready to pop the first cap. When the green light dropped, he began moving slowly, then flicked a switch. He was suddenly travelling at 320 Km/h, and was almost torn off the bike because of it. He sped off from the starting line, entering the sand. the blades on the wheels chucked the sand everywhere, making him easily trackable.
He quickly caught up to the Dooks, and, reaching into his bag, pulled out two objects. The first one, he pulled out the pin of and practically handed the live grenade to them, reaching over and dropping it in the cockpit. The second, a small silver disk, he slapped on the front of the car. It was a small EMP device, only able to confuse anything connected to it for three minutes. He'd stocked up on them though. All computers directly connected to the car went haywire. Jack laughed, watching their reaction through his steampunk-style goggles before speeding off.
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Re: The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCa

Post by Artashir » Wed Oct 03, 2012 9:44 pm

Hassin dashed through the sands with ease as he matched the speed of the leading vehicles as he hoped. His adrenline helping in the speed. He chuckled as the Fercats' vehicle started to slow from the emp blast. He would hate to see what the little creatures would do but his mind was on the crow, whose ragged hoverbike was starting to speed up.

Narrowing his eyes, he increased his speed, and dashed close to the avian. Chuckling darkly, his claws unsheathed, and pounced, ready to use his thrusters if the crow speed up.


Art's ears flicked at the sound of knocking, "Do you hear that?" The others in the booth listened as well. His bodyguard replied, "Sound like tiny bats slamming into the screen like bugs." Then the vixien on the other side of Art's chair glared at him, "It is because there is bats outside of the window."

Everyone looked at the corner to see the bats, Art recognized them. Pressing the window controls on his chair, the window opened to allow them in. "Sorry, you two. I didn't think you would be pounding on my window." He asked with a slight chuckle.

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Re: The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCa

Post by JamesG » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:00 am

Motoring as a sport always entails risks. Every fercat aboard the automobile knew that. Sometimes sacrifice was necessary to keep a fellow Dook alive. The needs of the many outweighed the needs of the few... or the one.

That is why Trainee Engineer Dook leap onto the grenade, his stubby paws clinging onto the hard round shell. The mustelid curled around the explosive and closed his eyes, saying a silent goodbye to its brothers. Captain Dook understood his fellow fercat's last wishes, and daringly tubed and crawled his way onto the car's bonnet to prise the EMP device off. Steersfercat Dook heaved on the wheel, keeping the now entirely manual car on the road.

Captain Dook returned after a minute and looked down on the passengers seat where Trainee Engineer Dook had shown his bravery. To his surprise, he could still see the fercat coiled up in his orange waistcoat. The Captain scurried to the seat and pawed at Trainee Engineer Dook. Slowly, the junior fercat opened its beady eyes, and stared at the grenade in surprise. It was a dud. Chief Engineer Dook hurried to his Trainee and took the grenade, throwing it over the side, where it bounced off into the desert.

Chief Engineer Dook licked his young protege proudly and dooked. The Captain nodded his head and patted Trainee Engineer Dook's shoulder. He was a very courageous Dook, and had been ready to sacrifice himself for the crew. A buzzing from the computers interrupted the emotional moment as the computers rebooted. Slowly they self-diagnosed and returned to normal operations. Captain Dook leapt to his spot on top of the dashboard and did an aggressive wardance.

The black car shot forward, speeding after the crow and the lion. Meanwhile, Navigators Dook and Dook had been plotting routes. The fercats dooked and thought amongst themselves about alternate routes to avoid such direct attacks. The big car swerved onto a side road and sped through a winding path of rubble and rocks. It was time for mustelid ingenuity and determination to take the lead.
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Re: The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCa

Post by Bigfox3 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:44 am

Tala commented offhand to the bat, "Nice to see you, Jarix. I'm surprised you two are here. Did you come to cheer on Big?" Relena shook her head and chuckled, "One of the entrees was one of Cila's relatives, Oare. You saw him down at the starting line, right?" Tala nodded, "Ah yes, that breath of fresh air next to the old coot. He was certainly one of the better looking contestants, besides your brother of course," she said to the lions present. Relena giggled, "It's nice to see a familiar face though."

Meanwhile, Big had stayed far enough behind the competition not to arouse suspicion as he collected various data concerning the performance of each of his competitors. Being the mechanical genius he was, he anticipated attacks on his machinery if he accessed databases, and installed powerful enough counter-measures so it'd be like a game of Pac-Man where he just ate the dot that made the enemy blobs turn into blue screens of death. Once his data collection was finished, he revved the gas and pulled ahead into the competition, immediately surprising the competition when entering the dunes as he transformed VICTOR into its drill-mode and started drilling through the dunes at such a trajectory that he lost only minimal speed, quickly losing the competition as he drilled under it and through to the other side of a particularly large dune. His helmet was equipped as his vehicle transformed a second time into his ATV, riding expertly over the dunes.
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The Crow
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Re: The 654th Annual Interplanetary Vosian Race (OPEN)(NonCa

Post by The Crow » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:14 am

OOC: I'll just take the silence as 'Cannot post'

IC: Jack had to weigh up his options quickly. The cyborg was lunging at him, what could he do... Quick as a flash, he reached into his pack and pulled out one of the EMP drives, slapping it straight onto Hassin's forehead, easy to remove but a temporary distraction. He then ducked, only just barely managing to dodge the attack, and pushed harder on the throttle. He hit 400 Km/h: The averagely fastest speed his bike went at. HE shot off a dune, skipped five others, then crashed into the sixth, decimating it. Jack grinned.
The Arc Thaums: http://feila.org/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=6247

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