With these chains that bind me...(DISCONTINUED)

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Re: With these chains that bind me...(Edwin, Modern, Closed)

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James was trying to go back to his apathetic, seemingly hardened self, if only to try not to show weakness. It proved a little too much, too quickly, and he couldn't hold back the... sound, coming from his throat. It wasn't a cry or a meow, or anything of the sort, simply a sound.

he let himself be lead to the room with no resistance, the only sign of which being his attempt, though slightly failed, to prevent himself from falling. He fell to one knee and scraped it slightly, but not even blood was drawn, maybe a few strands of fur ripped out. He sighed and looked at Ishimi with a rather melancholy smile, looking at the slightly bleeding stup on her head. He knew she wasn't hurt, and it would probably be best not even to ask about it, so he simply answered the question. "I'm fine." He said it in a soft tone, almost too soft to be heard if she weren't so close. He looked from the bleeding stump to her eyes, vaguely noticing her biting her lip.

He wondered what was wrong. Reading body language was sometimes a necessity in his past, and she didn't seem to be concerned with pain. Well, at least, not her own. He decided to let the sign slip by this time, and gently moved his paw down to hers, simply holding it. He blushed slightly as he realized that he was showing yet more affection, glancing at Howl expecting some remark.

He didn't feel tired, but his body did. His knee ached, his head hurt still, and oddly, his back was aching. He didn't say anything about it, and simply moved a little closer to Ishimi.

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Re: With these chains that bind me...(Edwin, Modern, Closed)

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Howl sighed as Ishimi jumped for James, shaking his head slightly. She was obviously blinded by her affection for him, and there wouldn't be a thing in the world that would separate them. He wasn't exactly touched by how they clung to each other, since he didn't understand such a spontaneous and unexplained pull between two people, despite him being a number of relationships. He smiled lightly at the both of them, nodding. "I'll leave you two to yourselves...get a good sleep."

The events of the day had drained Howl a great deal, but it wasn't until he neared his bed that everything took it's toll; his vision blurred once again, his whole body ached, bruises and cuts burned with an intense pain, and all the energy he once had drained away. With a slightly loud "thump", Howl laid down on his bed, far too tired to dream nor care about what was going on around him. It was his warrior instinct to sleep as much as he could while he got the chance, and to stay awake until it was safe, and now that there was some comfort in the air, his body returned to a semi-secure state.
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Re: With these chains that bind me...(Edwin, Modern, Closed)

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Rook had long since learn to sleep when you can: even nightmares are better than forcing yourself to live as a slave on little to no sleep, especially since masters didn't often allow for 'the recommended eight-to-twelve hours for growing teenagers'.

The boy selected his bunk and sunk down, exhausted. So much had changed, so much information had been pressed into him. From his power's revealed to his master, to planning and escape with Howl, the young fox's world was spinning, and all e could do was sleep.

Perhaps things would make more sense in the morning...though that was highly unlikely.
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Re: With these chains that bind me...(Edwin, Modern, Closed)

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Ishimi sat on a bed with James. quietly she lay still, and closed her eyes. Though she did not sleep easily, she was able to at least rest at ease. She knew that more than likely, she would be the object of inspection by other slaves in the morning. However, she was used to it. The female quietly opened her eyes and looked around, spotting Howl and Rook seeming to sleep.

The woman closed her eyes again and just whispered. "James...I'm sorry." she whispered. She knew not why she was sorry, but she just was. Her tail flicked softly and she finally sank back into the rough bed and slept.
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