Tribunal [OPEN,Gawain]

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Tribunal [OPEN,Gawain]

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"We are being overrun!"

Alden shot an arrow into the heart of an Edvinvs Empire soldier. "Another gone." He muttered under his breath. His tribe was greatly undermanned, the only advantages were the hills, and the archers. "More arrows!" He cried, crouching behind the wood palisade. The quartermaster sprinted towards Alden, but was soon shot in [the knee] between the eyes. "Damn!" The mink cursed, and made a run to the corpse of the fur.

Alden searched the body, finding 60 arrows. Perfect.

[A month earlier...]

Alden laughed. "That would be great! Except, the city won't let us in..." A weasel replied slyly. "Of course they will. I got us som' false 'ports!"

"Now that's good thinking, Ryahs!" The both of them took a draw of wine. Alden and Ryahs got up off the ground, and started walking. "Now this is gonn' be a good raid!"