Spelunk [OPEN, Piriqui, Age of Cyborgs]

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Re: Spelunk [OPEN, Piriqui, Age of Cyborgs]

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Sasha watched simultaneous feeds coming from her drones; one following Brien and the other over the commotion near the perimeter. She shook her head as she watched the avian at the perimeter. "guy must have a death wish" she mumbled to herself as she finished opening up the last of crates full of sensor equipment. "bringing an antiquated weapon like that to a place backed by this much firepower"

she switched over to the feed from the drone over Brien. "hmm...looks like I may have to dig into the arsenal" she said to herself as she watched, and headed into the back of her truck. "seems they're expecting the shit to hit the fan down there." She closed the door to the back of the truck, and found a switch hidden against one of the walls in the truck and hit it. there was a thunk, and a hidden door in the floor popped open just far enough for her to get her fingers under the edge and open it. Inside the secret compartment was an assortment of state of the art, heavily modified weapons including several disintegration lances. she pulled out one of the disintegration lances as well as several small robots that were filled with high explosives and stuffed them in a satchel. "best be prepared" she said as she shut the door and opened the back of her truck again and went back to her work. As she worked and watched, she wondered if she was going to need to activate Sakhmet...