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Back in Kahun ((Open))

A reasonably powerful nation, ruled by the Reptile. The current system of government is Absolute Monarchy, with a monarch controlling the power. It has the largest Army in Feila, but not the most well-trained. It consists of the Kahunian Army. It geographically is connected to Maze, and is a small country. Similar to Earth's medieval Arabia.
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Back in Kahun ((Open))

Post by Alden Swordran » Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:38 pm

((Decided to post a few open RPs to get me started, hope it's good. Also going to post one in Edwin.))

For a few years now Scarith had lived in Edwin, having moved out of Kahun, where she spent her childhood in Ahmose. She had moved because of issues with her family since she was of noble blood, much was highly expected of her, but with her parents trying to marry her off like they did, she knew she had to leave. It's been years though and as a mercenary, she knew a good place to find work was in her home country and headed to Upper Kahun, likely like Thiu or Nefertari. She was recently dropped at a port near Osiris and made her way to the city to get supplies, and after getting everything she needed she left the city and traveled on the road to Sokar on a small carriage.

However, midway, between Osiris and Sokar, in the desert, the wheel of her carriage snapped, rendering it broken and useless, and without a spare wheel, there would be no way she could get to her destination on carriage, she would have to snap the line and go by horse, however her horse needed a break, a drink of water. However, she was afraid to go off road to the Nile river, she didn't want to get lost and forced to wonder upriver, while it would do well at leading her to Cairo, it would take too long to get there, she did not have enough supplies to make the journey without stopping off at Sokar first.

She was searching the carriage while her horse was laying on the sand just off the road, trying to find any extra drinking water, hoping she would not have to give the horse the rest of her water. However she did not find any, so she got out of the carriage, and sat down beside it.

"Gods dammit! I knew I should have got a bucket before I left, how am I suppose to get to Sokar now?" She asked herself as she sat, slightly mad at herself and annoyed about the situation.


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Re: Back in Kahun ((Open))

Post by Marconominov » Thu Sep 28, 2017 6:11 pm

"Curse this road."

Krade had walked nearly a full day on the road to Sokar, and it was beginning to feel longer. The desert heat warmed his cold-blooded joints but he could feel thirst scratching his throat. It was rare for him to undergo such a journey on foot, but certain specifications of his latest assignment made it clear he had no choice. Once again, he went over the details in his mind.

Rumors have spread of an underground rebellion against the Reptilian Monarchy. Though few and far between, several documents and a handful of self proclaimed rebels have shed enough light to look into these rumors. The city of Sokar would be an unassuming home for a splinter group, but every source points towards that direction. Krade was to be just as unassuming, meaning he had to forego the luxuries of horse and carriage, as well as his regular finery and gear.

His feet kicked up sand as he trudged forward. The heat made the air in front of him shimmer, coaxing forth shapes from his memory. Faces he recognized, twisting in pain and agony like smoke on the wind. The face of his mother laughing. He pushed forward, ignoring the mirages.

"God's dammit!" Krades eyes snapped forward as he heard the outcry. It would seem he was no longer alone with his thoughts. He took in the situation at a glance. A broke down carriage, a worn horse, and a young dragon looking troubled. He recognized the carriage as one that passed him hours ago. He measured his words, trying not to startle the dragon.

"Pardon, but would you like some help?" He asked, surveying the damage to the carriage wheel.
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