Ten Realms Deep [Open to first 5]

The Territory of the Ravens is not a collective nation, though mostly controlled by the Avian. The current system of government is Tribalism, with many tribes found throughout the country. It has no official standing army, nor a standing navy. It geographically shares a continent with Yamaha. Similar to Earth's medieval Africa.
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Ten Realms Deep [Open to first 5]

Post by RasHeart » Fri Mar 07, 2014 11:56 pm

In the darkest recesses of the world lay secrets. Many an adventurer has caught wind of some lost treasure, or ancient force, long forgotten to the rigors of time. Many, however do not pay much heed, seeing the tales as remembered fever dreams, or some tall story passed on between madmen. The select few who decide to pursue these secrets are never to be seen again, lost like the treasures they sought. It is an intriguing subject, these secrets. I have learned of one; the tooth of an ancient dragon god, who has long since been remembered. It is in the Country of the Ravens, a yet-fully explored land. I hope to recover this tooth, in hopes of uncovering the mysterious haze of our past.

Weslee sighed softly, dropping her quill pen into a nearly-empty inkpot. She stared out of her lodge house window, at Scarborough. The city at the frontier. A good bit of the adventuring type went here, or so she was told. It was a trade haven, with countless merchants looking to make a pretty penny here. Weslee's gaze drifted back to her new journal entry, the onyx ink seeping into the sturdy parchment. She needed people to help her find this tooth, as she'd heard from her guide, Bhagyarash, that this country was very, very dangerous. Weslee reckoned that her quest was dangerous, too. Surely, this tooth would be defended by some sort of force...

Her ears twitched as the door to her room opened. A tall avian stepped inside, leaning on the wall. "We must go, if you are to find this relic." he said.

"Of course, Bhagyarash." Weslee nodded, closing up her journal, and slipping it inside her pouch. "I need to check out the tavern for more help, before we go."

The avian cocked his head a bit, before giving Weslee a short nod. "Indeed." he said, before gesturing Weslee towards the door. "But make haste. I fear that if we linger for too long, your undertaking may gather unwanted attention." he paused. "There are many who would seek such a thing."

Weslee could understand the many uses of such a tooth; it could be used to forge a blade, due to its hardness, or it may have magic properties. She didn't know, and only through finding it, would she find out. The two left the lodge, heading over to the tavern. Scarborough's only tavern was a wild one, being the only establishment in the world with a death count. The smell of rotten breath, and cheap ale permeated the air inside, and even around the building. Weslee and Bhagyarash took a seat inside, the canine electromancer scanning the drunken crowd for a potential companion, or companions if she was lucky. Meanwhile, Bhagyarash sat still, observing the tavern with an icy, calculating look not unlike him. He was watching for trouble, ready to end it with a few quick slashes from his khopesh if need be.


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Re: Ten Realms Deep [Open to first 5]

Post by Red » Sat Sep 13, 2014 8:49 am

Sitting with her back towards a shadowy corner sat a scruffy looking vixen. She looked at the crowd around her from under the shadows of her jet black hood. Her robes flow all the way down to the floor, covering her bare paws. The fox was about average height but she was slimmer than most. She had what looks to be a katana peek over her right shoulder. She was sipping a weak spirit that barely made her tipsy when the canine and avian entered the tavern. How unusual thought the vixen.

She shrugged slightly and continued to cradle her bottle. It always intrigued her at who she sees in this scruffy tavern. She learned not to judge quickly.

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Re: Ten Realms Deep [Open to first 5]

Post by choleric north » Sat Apr 09, 2016 9:11 am

((Is this thread still open? And @RasHeart do you want most responses to be as long as your first post, or is it that length to provide exposition?))
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Re: Ten Realms Deep [Open to first 5]

Post by FaeTheForeverLilly » Fri Jun 28, 2019 12:20 am

A small beaked avian sat at the bar talking non-stop to the man that sat next to her. She waved her wings in excitement and hit a few people with her petal-like feathers but the majority ignored her and some just scoffed. When she saw the two adventures enter she grew even more excited, she knew that she would learn something if she talked to them. So she waved goodbye to her one-sided conversation and walked over to them, a smile in her eyes. "Hello, hello. How do you do, " she greeted.
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