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The Sword of Cutting Light

A nation weaker than all but Maze, ruled by the Feline. The current system of government is Imperialist Monarchy, with an Emperor or Empress as Head of State. Its military is only ahead of Maze, as the Yamahanese Army and Navy. It geographically shares a large continent with the Territory of the Ravens. Similar to Earth's medieval Japan.
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Re: The Sword of Cutting Light

Post by HistoricVeggies » Sun Jul 17, 2016 9:02 pm

Takeo grinned as his blade made some connection, however slight. The following fist was surprising, he had deflected the attack into his shoulder but the iron dart in his opponent's fist made this strike much more painful and his sword was now only in one hand leaving him open to disarmament. The monk and the junior samurai were now closing on his flanks and this skirmish was heading in just the direction he had feared it would. In a last ditch effort to do more damage before being defeated he quickly dodged away from Chiashi's uppercut while jabbing his blade into the deck and stepped into Soun's grapple.

His katana now sticking hilt up from the planks of the ferry Takeo attempted to lock Soun's dagger before it could be used against him in this scuffle, but in this action he left himself fully open to the monk's staff. He looked the young samurai dead in the eyes his scarred gouge meeting the gaze of where Soun's functioning eye is. "Put that kitchen knife down before you hurt yourself, boy!"


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Re: The Sword of Cutting Light

Post by Asyriel » Wed Jul 20, 2016 9:21 pm

Daichi was not planning to take any chances with Takeo. He shifted his stance, and swung one end of his staff into the back of one of the hybrid's knees. He hoped the blow would be enough to knock Takeo off balance and that Soun would be able to take advantage of it to subdue the ronin.

Daichi remained ready to take other actions if what he had done didn't prove to be enough.

((sorry for the short post...didn't want to go too nuts, combat can be a bit tricky at times.))

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Re: The Sword of Cutting Light

Post by Eddy » Mon Aug 01, 2016 6:14 pm

Seizing his opportunity, Soun stepped forward to position himself behind the hybrid. Quickly he wrapped his arms about his opponent before attempting to sweep him in a throw that would drop him hard onto the deck. As he struck, he called out to the other, "have him! Now get some rope, it's over!"
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Re: The Sword of Cutting Light

Post by Chiashi Zane » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:59 pm

Missing the uppercut twisted the fox as she launched into the air. Her tails slid off the deck as she arced over. The unintended leap threw her balance, and she stumbled as she landed, twisting towards the ground in a recovery. She gripped the deck with both feet, claws biting into the wood before she launched at her target again, hand sweeping up and gripping the hilt of the katana buried in the deck. It made for a good pivot point as she brought both feet up for a neck-shot with her right knee.
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